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Thread: Amiga 600 won't boot
r-giskard-reventlov 19:03 25th May 2018
Hi All,

I've just rescued my old Amiga systems from the loft and glad to see the A500 boots and works well... no such luck for my A600!!

On boot:

I've tested the RGB to scart cable on my A500 and it works well. One thing I did notice was that the 3.1 rom has fewer pins than the socket (1 row too short). I can't remember if I ever got the ROM working before it went up into the loft and I think I remember the instructions indicating that the lack of pins was OK.

I've tried:

All have no effect.

I also found a site indication that removing a capacitor may have some effect. The site can be found by Googling: "amiga 600 capslock stays on" first link (don't have enough posts to add links sorry)

I'd appreciate any suggestions.