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Thread: Off-topic: Extreme C64 Refurb
Starglider 22:15 11th April 2018
Please enjoy the video story of the worst condition Commodore 64 I've ever seen, going from rags to riches. This is the tale of The Little Commodore That Could:

Starglider aka ԹҽɾɾɑϲԵϲ
Demon Cleaner 13:16 12th April 2018
Excellent job mate Not biggest fan of the fluorescent red though, but it goes quite well with the black case.

I was really surprised that this would still fire up That's the good old C64 how I know it, indestructible. In the time, mid 80s, when me and my cousin used the computer too long, and the C64 would switch off due to PSU overheating, we put the PSU inside the fridge to cool it down during 30-60 minutes, then continued using it when it was cool again Just imagine, no harm!
Harrison 00:26 13th April 2018
Very nice.

I bet it was throw out with rubbish in a garden or tip, hence the mud and grass. Amazing it worked.

I'm not a big fan of that keyboard either. Did they do the same paint in white?

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Kin Hell 10:09 27th April 2018
I really enjoy watching your stuff fella & am seriously, seriously impressed.

Got any "bloopers" to share, from making these vids?