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Thread: Free Samsung SSD
Teho 20:56 29th January 2018
The logic would be that it's a publicity stunt by a startup to attract customers. It was supposed to be a limited offer. The fact that they apparantly don't run out of stock and that the offer is still running while the timer has been at four hours left for ages definitely suggests this isn't real.

It looked good though, and that they accept proper payment solutions like Paypal further suggested they were legit. Oh, well.
Harrison 11:05 30th January 2018
Indeed. It is the protected and secure Paypal method that made me try it. Had they required direct card details i wouldn't have bothered.

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Stephen Coates 11:42 30th January 2018
Only thing to watch out for is that the page states:

Please be advised that should you chargeback a payment without waiting the maximal shipping period of 28 days our client will be advised to pursue Legal Proceedings for the recovery of the payment where you willl be liable to pay interest and court fees.

The terms and conditions (which I read before purchasing) do state that they can refuse to serve you at any point, so if they ran out, or made an error, they'll probably cancel.

Of course, if we don't get our SSDs, we can always just bill Harrison for the money, since he put us on to this in the first place .
Teho 14:55 30th January 2018
I can wait their 28 days. Paypal lets you launch a dispute as long as it's within 180 days. No problem.
Shoonay 17:08 30th January 2018
If they're scammers they didn't think it through.
Teho 20:43 30th January 2018
It's not a guarantee that Paypal will refund us though, if they find that the scam was so obvious we really shouldn't have fallen for it. Or for instance, if they somehow find this thread and sees that we suspected a scam but took a chance on it anyway then they will definitely not refund.
Stephen Coates 13:36 25th February 2018
Anyone got their SSD yet?

I notice the fake countdown timer now lasts 1 hour and 11 minutes, and they only have 6 in stock. They have also added a load of customer reviews, and the shipping time is now 3 to 7 days.
Teho 14:32 25th February 2018
No, and we never will. That is apparent now. I'm going to wait till march and then e-mail them just to have gone through the motions, and then open a dispute through Paypal.
Demon Cleaner 19:50 25th February 2018
Already forgot about this Oops.
J T 20:48 25th February 2018
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