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Thread: Merry Christmas
Puni/Void 12:58 24th December 2017
Hi guys,

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope you'll have a good time!

We're going to celebrate with my parents tonight eating "ribbe" (pork ribs), which is a tradition where we live. What will you be eating for Christmas?

Merry Christmas!!
Harrison 14:36 24th December 2017
Happy Christmas everyone.

We have just had a Gammon joint for dinner today at my mother-in-law's, and tomorrow morning we will be travelling to my parents in the morning to have a traditional Christmas Dinner with Turkey, stuffing, bacon wrapped sausages, brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, honey glazed parsnips etc.. Mmm..

Then on Thursday it's my birthday but not sure what I'm doing yet as have to work in the evening. Will probably wait until Saturday to do something such as the cinema.

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Demon Cleaner 11:47 26th December 2017
Had traditional Finnish food, cold and warm smoked salmon and zander, long cooked ham, meatballs and moose stew. Plus some other stuff and loads of fantastic wine and champagne of course

Btw, got an iPhone 8 with 256Gb from my girlfriend for Christmas, I thought wtf!! I wanted at some point to buy one, basically to get rid of my iPod with 160Gb, as I need more space soon. Was quite a surprise.
Tiago 10:50 27th December 2017
Happy Christmas to everyone and a happy new year.
Harrison 15:23 27th December 2017
Nice surprise DC. Always great to get a new gadget to play around with at Christmas.

I got a Samsung S8 just before and really happy with it. It took a bit to get used to the curved display but love it now. So fast too. Comes with 64GB internal and I added a 64gb microsd giving 128GB total so that should be fine for some time.

I'm not too bothered about music storage as i tend to stream everything via Spotify these days.

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Harrison 15:33 27th December 2017
BTW, did you all get any nice Christmas presents?

My parents bought me a new pair of glasses just before Christmas.
My Mother-in-law bought me a chainsaw! ;-)
My wife bought me a few things including a couple of Star Wars Christmas T-Shirts, Bruce Dickinson autobiography, R2D2 thermas coffee mug, and a few other small things.

Also had a combined present with Tom ro build. A Lego Millenium Falcon! ;-)

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Demon Cleaner 17:29 27th December 2017
I only use the iPod in the car, so it’s nice to have more storage to carry around, so now I don’t need the iPod anymore, only one device for everything. Also taking the iPod always on holidays, then again I have both devices.

Plus these classic iPods sell for quite a high price, was surprised when a friend told me. Maybe I’ll sell it now.

You know that you need the fuel together with the chainsaw might not be so easy to get both together!!
Harrison 01:31 28th December 2017
Not sure what you meant? I've got 2 stroke already mixed for my brush cutter/strimmer and is the same.

Not quite got the chainsaw yet though. She gave me money for it as wasn't sure which one i wanted. Really wanted a Stihl but they are too expensive. So I'm currently leaning towards Makita but still reading reviews and keeping an eye on the sales.

Will post in another thread why i need the chainsaw!

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Demon Cleaner 11:49 28th December 2017
Zak McKracken.
Harrison 16:09 28th December 2017

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