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Thread: New beamer
Demon Cleaner 10:54 8th August 2017
I just bought a new beamer, the JVC X5500, 3-4 generations after mine. I wanted to buy it already since a bit longer, came out this year in January, also because I wanted to have a 4K beamer.

This newer model comes also with a lot higher luminosity, 1800 lumen, the 3D has changed drastically also, although I already thought that mine was nearly perfect, but mine was only the 2nd generation of 3D beamers, so a lot has happened in that section. This one also has eShift, which can make you 4K out of everything, but you can enable/disable it accordingly, depends if you like it or not, he said that some people f.ex. don't like it.

I will get it in 2-3 days, probably gonna pick it up on Saturday.

I then also bought a new mediaplayer, as my older Mede8er doesn't do 4K, so I bought the new Dune HD 4K HDR model, which I have already next to me, needs some time to set up, to work with my media library.

I bought the beamer where I always buy my HiFi stuff, the guy is a professional, and really is great in what he does, plus I get awesome prices there. The 5500 is actually 4.200€, without 3D glasses, one pair is 150€, and he sold it to me for 3.600€ plus 2 pairs of glasses. The Dune he just gave me now to test, didn't have to pay yet. Plus their support is absolutely fantastic. I also bought last time a new lamp from him, which he gave me for the reselling price of 300€, usually they're between 350€ and 400€.

So hopefully I can set it up the weekend and fully test it, somebody only has to help me lift it up, as that could be a problem lifting 20kg in the air Btw, the casing of the beamer is exactly the same than my older X30, nothing changed, and I think that's great, so I don't have to build another support.
Harrison 11:39 8th August 2017
Sounds very nice. Look forward to hearing what you think.

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Tiago 15:29 9th August 2017
looks very nice. What area for projection do you have in your wall?
Demon Cleaner 14:42 10th August 2017
I have a 2.70m canvas (screen), motorised, comes down from the ceiling via remote control, and it has also tension ropes on the sides, that's better, so the canvas stays tense and doesn't flap too much or get bumps.

I have this one:

- - - Updated - - -

Got the beamer today, probably setting it up tomorrow, have to lift it high, with my back at the moment

Returned the Dune, was not to my liking, not the player itself, but the quite basic user interface, no option even to separate TV Shows and Movies, everything together in one library, with all the pictures and categories this can get very confusing. Not what I'm used too like with my Mede8er.

Anyway, most (well at the moment still everything ) of my stuff is HD only, so I'm gonna stick with my Mede8er, and so far I installed Plex on the PC and the PS4, and downloaded some 4K movies, to stream from there. Only tried HD so far, but Plex does it's job quite well.

Iso files are also a pain to play through a media player, either they work and are stuttering, or they're not even supported at all. But as I still have my BluRay burner, and loads of disks, I will use them, as a True 3D movie is always better then SBS or TAB, and with this new beamer, it will probably be amazing, as it already was with the old one. PS4 can play them, plus I have also BD-RE, which I can reuse several times.
Demon Cleaner 13:54 18th August 2017
Got an NVidia Shield as media player now, setting it up right now, have to redo all my movies and series, but I'm using Plex and it's working like a charm, a bit of work, but you can really configure it how you want, that's nice. Can do it easily from the PC. Plus I don't need to switch the PS4 on anymore, as I have Netflix and YouTube on the Shield, which work great.

Plus the Shield comes with a nice controller and you can play NVidia or Android games with it, which is a nice feature too, didn't try that yet though.

Connects well with Google account too.
Tiago 14:44 18th August 2017
That Nvidia Shield looks very cool, nice specs. Did it come with shield remote and shield controller?

And, does it work with "ok Google"?
Demon Cleaner 10:09 19th August 2017
Did come with remote and controller. So far I really like it, navigation is absolutely fast, which is great, as my old Mede8er is quite slow, and compared to this, no wait, it's not even comparable speedwise, Ferrari vs Fiat.

Only need a bit more time to set up my movies and series before I will exchange it in the living room with the Mede8er, but I will prioritize the main movies, then once it's ready, I will do Asian movie stuff and Anime, which my girlfriend doesn't watch anyway. Then I will probably also add music and photos.

What I've tested with Google works, what's "ok Google"?

Btw, I got the Shield without 500 GB internal HDD, which was 100€ more expensive, it's easier to attach an external disk, which I have plenty, and in case move it around to put stuff on it, if needed. I paid 215€ for the Shield, which is a good price in my opinion, compared to other media players.
Harrison 07:22 20th August 2017
The Shield looks interesting. I hadn't realised they were making a media steamer. The only shield I knew about was the gaming tablet.

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Demon Cleaner 08:27 20th August 2017
Originally Posted by Harrison:
The Shield looks interesting. I hadn't realised they were making a media steamer. The only shield I knew about was the gaming tablet.
Me too, thought the Shield was a gaming platform only. But you can not only play Android games, but you can download games from their catalogue, and stream them from your PC through GeForce Now, although you'll need an NVidia GPU, which I don't have.
Harrison 09:27 20th August 2017
Sounds good. I will have to take a look. Sounds like they have got the idea from steam play. Although you can do that on an xbox one from a pc.

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