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Thread: Firefox huge CPU usage
Demon Cleaner 12:01 2nd August 2017
Since some time now, let's say almost 1 year, I have up to 40% CPU usage for Firefox (plus over 2GB of memory). If it's running more than 1 day, it's up, I have to restart it that this goes away, but only for a short time.

It's not that big of a deal, as almost everything still works fine, but working on my NAS through the web interface is WAAAAY too slow, meaning in file manager I click on one folder, it needs up to 15 seconds to open it, very annoying, so I must restart, otherwise it's impossible to work with.

I browsed several sites for help, did try a lot so far, but without any success. I don't have a lot of add-on running either, so I doubt it's a problem:

- Adblock Plus 2.9.1
- Bitdefender Wallet 4.2.5 (that one's quite new, and the problem exists already way before that)
- Classic Theme Restorer
- FlashhGot
- Image Zoom
- Tab Mix Plus
- Video DownloadHelper 6.3.1
Harrison 01:59 3rd August 2017
I've had this problem before in the past with Firefox on the computer I use as a home server and for downloads.

How many tabs do you have open in the browser? I found the more tabs the greater the memory usage. I was also getting 90% CPU usage.

I did fix the problem eventually but can't remember what it was as it was some time ago. Possibly it was a virus checker constantly checking the browsers open connections. Kaspersky I think because I ended up ditching that due to it slowing down the system and becoming very annoying.

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Demon Cleaner 08:47 3rd August 2017
Tabs I have around 10-15 open, which I think isn't a lot.
Harrison 11:11 6th August 2017
When I had the issue even 8 tabs caused a large memory leak.

If you close Firefox and look in the task manager is the firefox.exe process still running? I used to find this being one of the main causes. When you then restart it there was actually another copy loaded and not releasing the ram from the original.

I've still not remembered how I fixed the issue.

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Demon Cleaner 09:54 7th August 2017
No, the .exe is not running anymore in the background.
Harrison 09:34 8th August 2017
Also worth checking your virus checker and firewall logs as they can start logging and catching ip calls from the browser and doing some funny things.

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J T 23:47 10th August 2017
I haven't used Firefox in a very long time, got fed up with the constant intrusive updating.
Harrison 07:10 11th August 2017
What do you use now jt?

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J T 05:00 15th August 2017
I use Chrome pretty much exclusively now. It's better for a lot of the work I'm doing (online documentation portal and ticketing system).

Plus I've gone in pretty heavily with the Google tools - gmail, drive, photos, bookmark syncing, a little bit of docs...
Demon Cleaner 10:21 28th October 2017
My PC ran quite often low on memory lately, thus closing Firefox, as it took the most. What I did now, was increasing the size of my page file from 2GB to 12GB, and it seems to work, so far no low on memory messages, plus Firefox doesn't get stuck anymore. Synology GUI is also fine now, no slowdowns. I also moved it from the C: partition to another disk.
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