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Thread: Amazon Echo Dot - Review
Demon Cleaner 09:53 2nd December 2017
Originally Posted by :
With an Echo even if you only had one in the kitchen for radio and news bulletins in the morning is still useful.
Even for that I wouldnít use it, as I get up in the morning to go to work, pee, brush teeth and I leave, need barely 5 minutes, then I listen to the news on the radio on my 25 minutes car drive to work. Could ask my girlfriend if she would use it, as she leaves 2 hours after me, and needs 45 minutes in the bathroom. Like you said, itís not expensive, might just buy one.

Btw, I went back to work on Monday, worked the whole week, although I only work for 6 hours at the moment. Itís ok, but Iím still hurting the moment when I come home and have to lie down. Only time will tell how long it still needs to be good again.

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Put it in my basket yesterday, price was 60Ä, checked just now and itís down to 35Ä. So I wanted to buy it, but I cannot get it shipped to Luxembourg, whether from the German or UK Amazon site??
Teho 18:23 2nd December 2017
If it's anything like the Kindles you probably have to buy it from which is the only one that ships those to other countries. The others only ship to customers within their own borders. They're still sent from somewhere in EU so still arrive in a few days and don't cost a fortune in shipping.

It was like that when I bought my Kindle several years ago. Always used to get books from, but had to go to to buy a Kindle. And now have to go there to buy ebooks as well. There's probably a good reason.
Demon Cleaner 07:20 3rd December 2017
Just checked, I can buy the kindle, no problem with that. sends the Echo to Germany and Austria only.
Harrison 00:05 5th December 2017
That is a bit mad. You got any friends in Germany you could utilise for shipping?

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Demon Cleaner 11:49 5th December 2017
I could do that if necessary. Friend working together with me lives in Germany.
J T 02:06 13th December 2017
I use hands free stuff sometimes (set timer, play music, change track) sometimes on my phone or ipad and its quite neat.

I'm tempted to get a smart speaker one day.

Plus, I like yelling at things.

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ooooh, the 'cloud' has extra bonus meanings in space-year 2017.


Go me !
Harrison 12:19 12th January 2018
Recent addition to the Echo is Smart Home Groups.

If you have more than one Echo you can now create a new group to control them together. I have 2 Echos now and created an Everywhere group. Spotify now supports this so when i play a song I can ask it to play everywhere and it streams to both at once. I find that really useful if I'm moving around in the house.

Also works with most other streaming services and works well with Tunein for radio.

You can also use groups to link smart devices. To if you had 2 smart lights in the living room you can group them so they turn on and dim together. You could also do this linked to other smart devices using basic logic. So a motion sensor by the front door could switch on both an outside and hall light. Even boil the kettle and switch on some music or the TV.

BTW the Amazon Fire TV devices are now compatible with the Echo. They have their voice control remotes but you can just use your Echo too to control your TV.

I think some makes of TV are adding this support too such as Samsung.

These automated features will be especially useful for my blind sister.

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Kin Hell 09:32 17th January 2018

Demon Cleaner 11:32 17th January 2018
J T 21:15 18th January 2018
ohhhh shiz that was funny. I've watched it a few times at work and am trying not to crack up laughing.

A few hours later when the kids have gone to bed: "hey Alexa, play that again"
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