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Thread: Summer 2017 Steam sale
Harrison 07:11 26th June 2017
With the Steam sale now under way have you been grabbing anything?

I've so far grabbed all the games from my wishlist which had been discounted to a couple of pounds each and with at least 70% off. But have refrained from anything with less than a 50% discount.

One tip. For any games check to see if they are part of a bundle. If you have most of the games in a bundle then you only have to pay for the ones you are missing, and a lot of bundles give an extra bundle discount in addition to the sale price. As an example one I wanted was reduced to 4.80 but to complete the bundle including it only cost 2.90. Worth double checking.

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Tiago 10:42 26th June 2017
I bought 2 "waking simulators" for less then 5 euros. Can't remember the names
Tomorrow Elite Dangerous will be release in PS4. I don't know what to do. I have it in PC without the planet landing staff. But my PC is not that great anymore.
In PS4 i would have better graphics. the pack with the expansion will be 59 euros (pre order). I don't know if release release price will be higher, but i guess if pre-order is 59 then the "normal" price will be higher.
Harrison 10:52 26th June 2017
Thr problem with Elite on consoles is the size of the game and the control setup. On PC with a proper HOTAS setup (I've got an X52 Pro) it is a world away from using a console controller (I initially started using a wired 360 controller). You can customise control setup however you like on PC, plus on more powerful setups it will always blow away any console version.

The advantage of the console version will always be optimisation for its own controller and design to run as best it can on the hardware. But it will always be dumbed down a bit.

If you already own the main game then double check if you can get Horizons cheap. When I bought it existing owners of the main game got it half price.

Also if you are considering paying that much for the game again have you also considered how much upgrading the GPU in your pc might be? Or getting a proper HOTAS flight controller? That makes a massive distended to the game. When I was first playing it worth a 360 controller I was having fun but needed to utilise keyboard shortcuts too. With the HOTAS it completely transformed the gameplay and made it so much better.

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Tiago 12:40 26th June 2017
I have a flight controller, not that bad. But in my pc, i have to play on 1024x768 and cannot go to very high detail. On PS4, i don't have to worry about it.
And sure, i have to pay it again, and that is why i still don't know what to do. The Horizons should be at 29 euros in Pc.
Teho 16:34 26th June 2017
What really irks me about this PS4 release is that the standard version does not come with Horizons included. This late in the season, and you have to get a more expensive deluxe edition or something to get it. There's like a half year or something till the next season, which will probably be priced almost as a full game like Horizons was. Think about it, buyers not in the know will buy the standard edition, realise they need Horizons and will have to pay extra for that, then a few months later a new expansion arrives and they'll have to pay again for that. Not a good idea, I think Horizons should just be included as standard on the PS4 at this point.

I haven't grabbed that much in the sale myself, I allready own most of the interesting older stuff on sale and the newer things I want haven't been reduced enough to be worth it. I can wait, my backlog is massive enough as it is, I've got plenty of good games to play. I did pick up some of the Ys games for cheap, also got Final Fantasy XIII on a whim. And I got Shadowrun: Hong Kong which is the second standalone expansion to the excellent Shadowrun Returns. Oh, and some Telltale adventures, the latest Walking Dead season and the new Batman adventure from them which I hear is good. So I guess I have picked up a few titles this sale, but nothing major. I wanted Prey, Nier Automata and Civilization VI but none of them are low enough. The kicker is that the full price on Steam is usually higher than what I can get a physical copy for locally, and in the case of Civ VI the difference is so high it is almost the same price for a physical copy when the Steam version is at 66%! And then you just register it on Steam anyway!
Tiago 16:59 26th June 2017
Originally Posted by :
Not a good idea, I think Horizons should just be included as standard on the PS4 at this point.
Totally agree with that!
Harrison 08:33 27th June 2017
Definitely should be included in the console versions. However it's how they are planning on continuing making money into the future to keep the game servers ticking.

Do you know if console gamers will be on the same servers as pc? Might give pc gamers with decent controllers an advantage. PS4 does support keyboard and mouse though so might be interesting if that is supported. Any ps4 games support keyboard and mouse for FPS?

@Teho. Exactly the same games I'm waiting for. Prey, Nier Automata and Civ VI. But like you I can wait until they are cheaper. You can get Civ cheaper as part of a collection. It's something to double check on all sale items. It was 22 as part of a collection when I looked but it was the only game in the collection I still needed. I do like this steam feature where you can complete a collection and only need to buy the games you don't have. Copied from gog, but you also get an additional collection discount too, so even better in a sale.

But I agree you have to be careful. You can often find slightly older games in stores cheaper. I'm reluctant to buy second hand pc games from places like cex though because most are just physical steam key delivery so the games probably won't work anyway.

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Harrison 13:04 27th June 2017
Elite Horizons only 13.39.

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Teho 16:59 27th June 2017
There's no crossplay between platforms in Elite so you won't meet players from other platforms, but all platforms are in the same background simulation. Affecting market prices and faction influences and so on. That's all one single simulation that everyone's a part of. If I recall correctly.
Demon Cleaner 18:05 27th June 2017
Might be my opportunity to get Elite, as I don't own it yet, plus it might look great on the beamer.

The Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is 49.99€ and includes all DLCs: Elite: Dangerous, Elite Dangerous: Horizons and the Elite Dangerous Core- and Commander packs.
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