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Thread: Dual monitors
Demon Cleaner 20:59 19th May 2017
Was supposed to get it today, unfortunately I only got the cable in this delivery. So hopefully tomorrow.
Kin Hell 09:10 20th May 2017
Originally Posted by Harrison:

@JT. I know what you mean. So many people using IT daily in their work are clueless. They don't seem to have any motivation or inquisitive nature to explore beyond the applications and tools they are required to use for their jobs. I don't get how so many people are happy to go through life without exploring or questioning everything.

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It's called "Tools" for Tools m8.
Demon Cleaner 14:48 22nd May 2017
Have both of them set up now, but there's one thing already bugging me.

The new screen seems more yellowish, not complete white, noticing it quite well in explorer.

The 2nd screen also shows, from the OSD, Resolution: 1920*1080, whereas the other one shows Resolution: 1080p.

First is connected via HDMI, and as my GPU doesn't have 2 HDMI inputs, the other newer monitor is now connected via a HDMI to DVI cable.

OSD settings on both screens are absolutely identical, plus color calibration also has been done identically.

Only thing what I think of, is that I use an 18pin HDMI to DVI cable (single link), but there are 24pin HDMI to DVI cables (dual link) existing, does anyone have experience with this?

The setup is great, but I'm quite fussy when it's not 100% like I would want it to be.

Also strangely enough, my first monitor's color is set to YPbPr? The second one RGB, which seems more normal to me. If I change it, I get strange colors.
Harrison 15:07 22nd May 2017
If you are only running 1080p you don't need a dual link DVI cable. They are only for resolutions above 1960 if I remember correctly. My Dell 27" needs one for its 2560x1440 resolution.

As the 2 monitors are identical swap the connection over to see if its the connection or the new monitor.

Don't you have any DVI or Displayport ports on your graphics card? Would give better output.
Tiago 15:29 22nd May 2017
First time i did it i also had strange colors, but in my case, i was able to config each monitor.
This weekend i bought a Samsung led fhd sf350fhu 24". I am happy with it.
So now i have my main laptop screen at full hd my new Sansung 24" at Full HD via HDMI and an LCD TV Sansung via RGB at (1366x768)

The LCD TV with HDMI can make fullhd but with VGA can only output 1366x768. Is this normal?

Anyway i have a question now:
My Laptop has a Nvidea GeForce 745M and a intel onboard card.
So when i use HDMI and VGA is he using the Nvidea or the onboard card? I Guess if if is bu duplication is the Nvidia, but what about expantion screens? Is is all the Nvidea or does he uses the onboard card?
Demon Cleaner 15:43 22nd May 2017
Originally Posted by Harrison:
As the 2 monitors are identical swap the connection over to see if its the connection or the new monitor.

Don't you have any DVI or Displayport ports on your graphics card? Would give better output.
I just swapped the cables now, same result. Swapped back again, but strangely enough the second shows now 1080p plus the YPbPr color, and the first is 1920*1080 and RGB??

What do you mean? My GPU has 1 DVI and 1 HDMI, thus the 2 monitors are connected.

The second one seems warmer, although I set them up completely identically. You know what I mean, the white is not pure white, like the LED light bulbs, warm white and more yellow, higher Kelvin values.

EDIT: I noticed now in AMD Catalyst Control Center, that my 1st monitor has a Color Temperature Control setting under Display Color, and the new one hasn't. Because it's set t0 6500K, and when I slide it down a bit, like 500K, it looks like the new one.

EDIT 2: I did it!!!

After restarting the PC after a GPU driver update, I started AMD Catalyst Control Center again, and this time, like before, it swapped again both settings, so that this time I was able to change the temperature of my second monitor. The first one I left at 6500K, and the second one I just raised to 6700K, now they're both quite identical

Also added a little bit of saturation to the second monitor.
Harrison 13:25 23rd May 2017
Nice. I was going to suggest looking at the colour temperature.

One thing to note. Sometimes monitors will show less settings depending on how they are connected. HDMI normally offers less control compared to dvi or displayport.

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J T 05:39 24th May 2017
Originally Posted by Stephen Coates:
Just why do you have two computers?

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