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Thread: Should I build a new PC?
Stephen Coates 18:42 17th December 2018


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Anyway, now we've had a couple of humorous pictures, I got the machine built up.

This Shuttle form factor is quite nice to work on. Everything seems to be accessible, and everything fits together nicely.

I installed the HDD from the old machine, the Samsung SSD, and a SATA DVDRW drive. I installed Debian 9 on the SSD. My first impressions of the Intel UHD graphics weren't too good. It would play HD video fine, but it barely managed 5 fps in Super Tux Kart. I'm wondering if it might be some Linux driver weirdness. So, I put the Radeon HD7770 in from my old PC and now I can easily get 60 fps in Super Tux Kart .

The machine does overall seem nice and speedy.

The CPU fan is quiet, as is the little PSU fan. Definitely quieter than the 80mm fans I have in my Lian Li case. The blue power LED on the front panel was annoying though, so I swapped it out for a green one. It also lacks a reset switch. Why do so many modern machines not bother with a reset switch? Shuttle went to the effort of putting a Clear CMOS switch on the back of the case so I'd have thought they'd have put a reset switch in as well.

I also tried to boot Windows XP from the Hirens boot CD but it just gave me a BSOD.
J T 20:53 17th December 2018
The fact it has two ports labelled DP is just perfect
Stephen Coates 17:03 23rd December 2018
Here's the new Shuttle machine on my desk:


And here it is with the flaps open:


Here's the internals.


Kin Hell 20:58 23rd December 2018
Those Shuttles were snappy little Puppies on Intel PIV.
J T 00:49 3rd January 2019
Nice looking case, tidy. Dust magnet exterior though.

Are those hard drive innards there up on the side of your filing cabinet?

Originally Posted by J T:
The fact it has two ports labelled DP is just perfect
Stephen Coates 09:22 3rd January 2019
Yes, its a couple of magnets from a 3.5" HDD. I also have a load of magnets from 2.5" HDDs at the other side on my desk . They come in handy.

And here's some DP specially for JT .

J T 01:30 8th January 2019
Awww yeah, all the way in too
Kin Hell 13:14 31st January 2019
Phwoaaaar! - Hard Core!
Stephen Coates 06:42 25th February 2021
I need some new storage.

I've been doing a lot of video recently which has been eating up my HDD space. Any recommendations?

I might see about swapping my SATA HDD for an M.2 one, then I can just use the SATA one for storage.

One of the advantages of modern video codecs is that you can compress 25Mbps standard definition DV down to less than <5Mbps. Of course its not quite as big a saving for high definition video.
Harrison 11:35 27th February 2021
Have you considered a NAS? You could even repurpose an older PC and install the Linux distro FreeNAS. Then just add whatever HDDs you want and away you go.
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