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Thread: Should I build a new PC?
Harrison 09:01 6th December 2018
When picking a CPU be careful and read all the specs because they are not all the same. F.ex. some 7th gen i5s were only dual core, not quad.

The 8th generation processors are better, with much faster GPUs that can run many recent games in fairly high settings. They are also more efficient and have lower TDP. Some such as the mobile aimed U8250U is a very nice CPU with a TDP of only 15W, rising to 25W under full Turbo boost load. Compare that with the other i5s in the 8th gen and they have a TDP of 45W. And older chips that were up to 95W. Could be a good chip for a SFF setup.
Stephen Coates 10:22 7th December 2018
I've ordered a Core i5-8500 from Novatech.

The mobile chips do look very good, but aren't really available as retail options. This reminds me; did many people ever put Pentium M processors in desktop builds? I seem to recall reading about it many years ago as they seemed like a good alternative to the P4.

Now I need to find some memory. Does it go faster if it has RGB lighting?
Harrison 17:29 9th December 2018
For ram stick with a known brand. I always buy Crucial ram as they are normally very good prices and work as intended. They also do matched pairs for dual channel setups.

BTW, systems always go faster with some decent lighting! Just like cars do. ;-)
Demon Cleaner 03:40 10th December 2018
For me so far I'm lately (over last 10 years) sticking to G.E.I.L. RAM, price quality here is top notch too, and they're very reliable.
Harrison 16:59 11th December 2018
I've used Geil ram before when it was on offer. Seemed good, but I did have a failure of some I used in a system I built for someone else. On be thing I like about Crucial is the lifetime warranty.
Stephen Coates 02:22 12th December 2018
I ordered two 8GB sticks of Crucial memory. Its the bog standard Crucial one as opposed to the Ballistix.

Harrison, have you had to use Crucial's warranty before? I had a Crucial stick fail back in 2012 after two years so had to get them changed.
Harrison 16:59 12th December 2018
i did have some fail in a system I'd built for someone else. But because I buy all my hardware from Novatech, and I live fairly close to their main store, I returned it there and they replaced it without question.

Same happened with a Thermaltake 700W PSU. It was working fine but would not power off. When you shut the system down it would power down the System and HD but the fans would keep spinning and the motherboard power light remained on. Had that about 2 years before returning it. Had to wait a week for them to test it, but then they rang me to say it was faulty and they offered me slightly more than I originally paid to pick a new one from their current range.
J T 23:24 12th December 2018
I had to use Crucial warranty to get a stick of RAM replaced but it was very easy and they were very good about it.
Stephen Coates 19:33 16th December 2018
These Coffee Lake CPUs don't hold as much coffee as the name 'Lake' suggests...

J T 21:28 16th December 2018
Try grinding it to a fine powder first
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