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Thread: Should I build a new PC?
Kin Hell 08:12 29th May 2017
Originally Posted by J T:
Mate I'm still waiting to upgrade my AMD 64x2 PC. Pretty much any piece of crap I could buy nowadays would run rings around it, but I just can't bring myself to buy from the really 'low end' even if technically it would be better than what I have now.

To be fair though, my PC has been unplugged for probably over 20 months.

I use my work laptop (an MBP), which is a far more recent spec, if I need to do anything significant. I have a PC laptop somewhere in the house, or maybe the garage. I'm not really sure where it is to be honest
You got me wrong fella.... Not you.....

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Wait a bit longer.....? ?

Stephen Coates 11:20 11th June 2017
Do you guys have any opinion on AMD's latest offerings? I've heard quite a lot of good things about their new Ryzen processors.

Regarding Intel, is there much difference between, say, a lower end current generation processor (e.g. i3), and a several generations old high end processor (e.g. i7)?
Kin Hell 14:28 11th June 2017
I wouldn't advise AMD to anyone, but RE Intel i3, i5 & i7 series, there are older versions of all of them.

In terms of performance, i7 is the best of the series with more cores & bigger cache's, whereas i3 the lowest of the series. But then in each series, you get different chip speeds also effecting their respective performance.

Also, with every generation of Intel CPU being released, there is usually a Chip-set change as well, sometimes with more or less Pin contacts in the CPU socket. Now you know this, just don't think you can put any generation of i7 CPU on any i7 capable board. The socket has to be the right one.
Harrison 16:51 13th June 2017
If you are not a gamer Then an i3 with hyperthreading is fine. If you wanted to do more multitasking then a quad core i5 would perform better. The i7 is obviously the highest end with 4 or more core, hyperthreading and more cache, but only worth it if you are a gamer or do a lot of things like video editing, rendering etc...

I'm still running an older gen i3 in my download and streaming server and it's a great cpu. I also use the built in GPU to run a dual monitor setup. Nice cpus.

Intel chips are fairly future proof too. I'm still running an i7 2600k clocked at 4GHz with 32GB ram and it's still perfectly good for current games. I've just needed to upgrade the GPU over time to keep up.

An SSD hd really makes a difference to overall system usage roo.

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Stephen Coates 21:46 14th October 2018
I've been thinking about getting a new PC again.

What SSDs do people recommend now? I notice that smaller ones are quite cheap now. I might get an SSD to put in my current machine for the time being.

I've been considering something with a small form factor case to save space. I might donate my current full size ATX case to my AmigaOne G4.
Harrison 23:33 15th October 2018
If you are not a gamer then a small form factor PC is quite a good choice. You can get some great setups these days and have decent gpu and audio built in. SSDs are the way to go for the boot drive. Depending on what OS you will be using will dictate the minimise size needed. Anything less than 128GB for Windows would be pointless f.ex. regarding make I normally always buy Samsung EVO. The Pro versions are not worth the extra money.
Stephen Coates 03:37 Today
I just ordered a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB. I'll let you know how I get on with it.
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