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Thread: Netflix + TV 4K
Tiago 13:34 8th May 2017
Hi people.

Since the last 2 months me and my GF signed a netflix account and we are watching it from PS4 (not the PRO version). Quality is good in our 80cm FullHD TV (LG).
I am thinking in an upgrade to a 4K TV. 82cm is a bit small to us. The distance we have from our sofa to the TV, is about 2 meters, even a bit more. 82cm seams a bit small. A 110 cm would be great.
Since my PS4 is not PRO, it cannot steam 4K to the TV. But those smart TVs have internet and they can run Netflix in 4k.


1) do you ever test a smart TV playing Netflix in 4k (with the upgrade in netflix service to 4k)
Is it good?

2) Should i get a better experience? I mean, i have a friend with a 4k, but the TV is about 2 meters...
i want a 110cm diagonal. I Know that it all depends in the distance you have from your head to the screen... I have the idea that if you change a 82 cm from HD to a 82cm 4K you will not notice so much. Only if you got a bit closer to the TV.

Give me your thoughts
Demon Cleaner 17:22 8th May 2017
I never even saw 4K live, have no idea how good it looks. But if I'm gonna buy my 4K beamer, I will go to my HiFi guy, who will set it up for me, and I'm going to ask him to show me the difference, that will be the best to compare.
Harrison 17:53 8th May 2017
Yoy can tell the difference as everything looks really sharp and the details and colour really pop out at you.

I'm not sure about sizes in cm as we measure our TVs in inches in the UK. A 40" screen is probably the smallest where you would start to see the difference. No chance with a 32". You only notice on smaller screens when used as a monitor when right close up.

From 2 metres away I would say anything over 40" would be ok because that's still not that far. 46" maybe is a good size to really see 4K detail.

What make are you considering? I'm still very much Samsung.

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Tiago 18:23 8th May 2017
My actual is 32" = 82cm
I my considering a 40" = 100cm or 43" = 107,5cm

And yes, below 40" should be hard to see the difference.
Harrison 13:34 9th May 2017
I would say get the larger if it fits ok as you will get more benefit from 4K. We currently have 40" in the living room which is fine.

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Demon Cleaner 14:16 9th May 2017
Hm? I'm having 108" (2.75m), that's even finer

I'm sitting 4.5m away from it, so that's fine, if I would have taken the 3m screen, I would get the so called tennis ball effect. Because for a 3m screen, you need at least to be sitting 5m back.
Tiago 15:57 9th May 2017
108" ????
Harrison 12:41 10th May 2017
Remember he's got a Projector. Bit different.

I've been considering a projector at one end of my study/gaming room, but would probably be smaller than that as room is only 8' wide, but is 27' long.

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Kin Hell 11:36 13th May 2017
Originally Posted by Tiago:
108" ????

Demon Cleaner 11:06 5th July 2017
Apparently Netflix will adjust their prices, so I checked the whole 4K thing again.

I don't have the 4K subscription, that's a special one, therefore no 4K showing in Netflix for me.

Plus, Netflix only supports new TVs with 4K so far, no other devices like consoles, but their might be changes in future.
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