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Thread: Netflix + TV 4K
J T 01:25 1st August 2017
How good is your internet connection though, bro?

Streaming 4K through a less than steady, fast internets would bring all the sads
Demon Cleaner 15:15 1st August 2017
Fiber 100MB.
Harrison 10:33 2nd August 2017
From what I've read you need 25mbps so it's more realistic than it was a couple of years ago.

My connection is 76mb so should handle it fine. I've not got any 4K TVs though so can't test.

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Harrison 10:34 2nd August 2017
The ones who will be screwed are those who take out the cheap deals as they will suddenly realise it was cheap because they have capped monthly usage.

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Kin Hell 09:56 23rd August 2017
Yes H & I expect there will be of folk get railroaded for that, however....

Here in the UK, BT have completely shafted & Bastardized the Fibre concept. Still using shit copper with some Aluminium in some areas to get to the Fibre cabinets. (FTTC) Lots of these people will probably suffer bad 4K streaming unless they have a short pair of wires (250m) to the Fibre Cab.
However, a really sweet pair of wires over 750m may still do well, depending on other local residents speeds on the same cable as yourself. (Cross-talk affects & effects your speed)

It really pisses me off with BT adapting a shit wired network from the GPO days to run on a partial Fibre infrastructure that is lagged to death with Interleaving applied to your service. - You can only stack shit so high....
Demon Cleaner 10:18 23rd August 2017
I updated now my Netflix plan to 4 screens plus UHD, but still it doesn't give me the option, or at least I don't see the UHD logo next to the series or movies that are supposed to be UHD.
Harrison 21:43 23rd August 2017
That's annoying. Quite a lot of newer content on mine here has a UHD logo next to it. Just as a test try the series House of Cards as I know that is 4K and shows as UHD on mine in the UK.

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Demon Cleaner 11:30 24th August 2017
I checked online which series and movies are UHD, and you find a list will all of them, when I checked, none of them was UHD. Trying soon with the Shield, as the main stuff is almost setup.
Kin Hell 13:10 24th August 2017
Yeah DC.

Here in the UK, if you join for a free Trial, the Premium account is only available from the three options & then you choose how you want to go there after.

The sign up may be different in your next of the woods?

Netflix Free sign up.jpg
Demon Cleaner 09:51 25th August 2017
We have 3 plans:

- 1 screen EUR7.99/month (Watch on 1 screen at a time in Standard Definition. Download videos on 1 phone or tablet.)
- 2 screens EUR9.99/month (Watch on 2 screens at a time. HD available. Download videos on 2 phones or tablets.)
- 4 screens EUR11.99/month (Watch on 4 screens at a time. HD and Ultra HD available. Download videos on 4 phones or tablets.)

I have the latter.
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