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Thread: What are you playing?
Demon Cleaner 09:35 25th September 2017
This is my first Far Cry game so far, haven't played any other of them, perhaps for 30 minutes or such. So far I'm enjoying it, although I still would prefer the 3rd person view, then it would even be better, for me at least.

When it comes to racing games, I never play simulations, as it's to tough for me, and I will already stop winning after the 3rd race or so. And even though I'm trying that race then over and over again, I won't win, and then I get frustrated, and I guess you can imagine the result. I'm still absolutely enjoying The Crew, that's really my type of racing game, that's why I'm looking forward to the new Need for Speed, and of course The Crew 2 coming beginning next year with added planes and boats, gameplay looks pure fun.
Harrison 23:32 25th September 2017
Although it's a bit dated graphically now you really should try the first Farcry as IMO it was thy best. Set on a series of tropical islands you sneak around stealth style, sniping guards from watch towers. Getting into boats to move quickly around the island. And you slowly uncover something more sinister. Great game.

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v85rawdeal 21:27 28th September 2017
Currently splitting my time between No Man's Sky and Elite: Dangerous.

I also get a bit of time playing Everybody's Golf, but the above games are the ones that dominate my gaming at the moment
Harrison 08:00 29th September 2017
I keep meaning to play No Man's Sky again since the recent big updates.

Have you had any of the Alien encounters in Elite yet?

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Demon Cleaner 12:55 29th September 2017
Also downloaded Everybody's Golf but didn't try it yet, also have Infinite Minigolf which is quite enjoyable, plus getting "infinite" levels due to a track editor. And you can play it in VR, which I didn't try out yet though.
v85rawdeal 13:30 30th September 2017
With regards to the thargoids, I'm safe in the middle of nowhere, far away from any kind of civilisation, or military protection, or aid, support or help

Aaaaah, f...........
Demon Cleaner 21:48 30th September 2017
downloaded it for PS4, but didn't play it yet, still playing Rebel Galaxy.
Demon Cleaner 10:55 6th October 2017
Enjoying Far Cry 4 quite a bit, although I still have to get more used to the 1st person view, it's not one of my strengths when it comes to gameplay

Started with FIFA 18, good game, a lot slower than previous releases, have to get used to it. Nothing groundbreaking here, but we all know that, nonetheless still an enjoyable experience. Started as manager for Forest Green Rovers in the 4th English division (Football League Two), that can be fun and challenging to get your team to higher divisions. With a very low budget, I'm currently still in the middle of transfers, as most of my players are quite weak, so I have to spend a lot of time scouting and comparing to find the right players for my team. Invested already a lot of time in that. Only thing is that I created myself, a bit stronger, 72 overall, and put myself into the team to help them out. Players rank from 50-65 overall, so I'm their best player at the moment
Harrison 13:16 6th October 2017
I've not played any football games in a long time. More interested in the old school arcade style though. Very interested in the upcoming Sociable Soccer (made by John Hare - Creator or sensible soccer).

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Demon Cleaner 11:07 7th October 2017
I still love older football games, or arcade soccer games, tested them all on MAME, some really good ones, also tested everything sports some time ago on PSX, PS2 and PS3, I think I mentioned that in another thread. Also going through every single football (soccer) game I can find in my collections, whether console or computer, love to do that.

Sociable Soccer looks good, hopefully the gameplay can hold up. I played Active Soccer 2 DX a lot, got every trophy, enjoyed it quite a bit, Kick Off clone, although 100 times better than the remake of Kick Off, that is horrendous, sadly.

- - - Updated - - -

I watched the Sociable Soccer trailer once again, and must say that the content is definitely present, but Iím not so convinced with the gameplay yet, have to see how it turns out.

Btw, funny thing, met a guy some time ago in Rocket League who had a funny nickname, Pony Slaystation thought that was quite funny, forgot to share.
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