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Thread: What are you playing?
Teho 18:51 12th May 2017
I do play mainstream games, I just don't talk about them much. Why? Everyone has heard of them and know what they are anyway. Also mainstream games tend to be very formulaic, Ubisoft's catalog being the worst example. But if they're polished and do what they do well then they are still enjoyable games. I've played the Far Cry games except the very last one for example, and played Black Flag and Shadows of Mordor last year. Saw and tried Watch_Dogs at a friend's. They're all pretty much the same game in a different setting. I wouldn't want to play more than one of these at a time, and wait a while before starting another.

The Uncharted games is another good example. None of them do anything remotely new, but they do it so well. Great characters and a story you genuinely want to see the rest of, that goes a long way. The gameplay bits are done well enough to not be outright boring, and for me at least I'm also entertained by good design and impressive tech. The cruise ship segment in Uncharted 3 for example, while being nonsensical plot-wise and not fitting in at all it really is very well made. The ship sits on a procedurally generated ocean, and affects every little object on the ship which move around accordingly. All while running the game and having shootouts without dropping a frame. On top of that the level is designed in such a way it feels almost dynamic when the ship itself rolls and you start walking on walls and climbing furniture to get around. It is of course scripted but it is so very well done. I'm enjoying myself just watching things like this even if the gameplay is somewhat bland.

So I enjoy Strafe because it is a really cool and well-executed idea. And I also enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of old. These modern "realistic" shooters where you have to hide in cover and wait all the time till it's safe to continue... where's the fun in that? In Strafe I run at 100 km/h and jump higher than my own height while shooting things in the face. Not realistic, but oh so fun! And yeah, the 90's aesthetic does hit me right in the nostalgia bone. So sue me!

It's similar with Polybius (which I think is PS4 only, yes), it isn't the gameplay so much as the design of it all. And the soundtrack and how everything fits together with it and everything else while seemingly being a complete cacophony of shapes and colour. I'm mesmerised by the sheer genious of it all. Still. I only barely played Minter's previous game which was TxK for the Vita. It was yet another iteration on Tempest, and was as good as you can expect. But after the first go at it I never came back to it. Polybius is much better for me, more of a new idea while still being iterations and improvements of things he's done before.

Other indiegames will often show off some really original and novel gameplay ideas which are fun to try and I really enjoy looking at them. But at the same time I rarely play them for long because they are created by small teams and often haven't much more to show you once the novelty wears off, most being arbitrarily lengthened just by tweaking the difficulty higher and higher while still being just more of the same.

But yeah, you'll see me playing mainstream games too. I just don't often find anything worth talking about in them. I am playing Just Cause 3 these days, which just like Just Cause 2 is extremely fun in small doses. This is one I just have ready for playing every now and then when I just want to mess around a bit. While mainstream it is quite original, or was in the previous iteration. The way you navigate around using a hook and a parachute, and all the ways you can combine this with the physics of the game. Quite interesting, and well executed.

Did any of you try Shiness yet? I'd really like to know what you think. It's been getting mostly positive feedback but I personally didn't find it interesting in the end. I dropped it soon after the first of its three main parts. I just didn't find the story interesting at all and the gameplay mechanics just didn't last for me. The idea of having an RPG where the battles are fought as a 1v1 brawler is novel, but I found it to just be so-so in the end. In the battles one character fights while the others wait by the side. They can cast pre-configured buffs while waiting there, and you can tag characters in and out of the fight. There are combos and spells and status effects still and it is all pretty fast, but in the end you can win most fights by just mashing an attack button and occasionally parry. Which is too bad, I kickstarted this and know from the updates that the developers really worked hard on this. But a lot of the work went into building the world and the characters and creating an entire language from scratch for example. And when that didn't turn out so interesting, and the gameplay feels bland... well.

Edit: Almost forgot, that was some really interesting info about Steinar Lund Harrison. I didn't know much about him so looked up his work and recognise a lot of it. Some of it is quite famous, such as The Last Ninja coverart. That's pretty cool!
Harrison 00:42 13th May 2017
I bought Shiness as I'd been looking forward to it for quite some time, but like s lot of things I've not found the time yet to play it. Lol

@DC. I also find a lot of FPS style games quite boring but one is in my all time favourite list. Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I just love that game. The atmosphere it creates, especially in the earlier levels is brilliant. The multiplayer was great too as it mixed things up a bit such as needing to secure nazi gold. You can't just dismiss a whole genre as there will always be something special.

For those that like multiplayer FPS the closed beta of the new Quake is out. You have to register on their site to get a key to take part. The videos look great. I especially liked the arena with a massive eye in the middle moving around watching you.

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Harrison 00:45 13th May 2017
@Teho. I got really addicted to TxK on the Vita. Probably one of my most played game on the system alongside Uncharted.

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Demon Cleaner 08:33 13th May 2017
I really enjoy the games you mentioned, Ubisoft style, but like you also say, once I finish one of them, I play something else before starting another one of them, otherwise it can become tedious as they are indeed quite similar.

I like more the "hiding in cover" style of games, as I have much more time to plan ahead, that's more my type of playing, rushing into a room guns blazing isn't my style, I get too confused and panic I liked Bulletstorm f.ex. that was sheer fun, probably gonna buy the PS4 remaster to play it once again. Anyway I'm more into stealth, like I said, wanna take things easy.

Don't get me wrong on Indie games, I absolutely like some of them, and I'm always browsing the store to look for something new. But I also have to like the genre, otherwise I'm not interested. I don't like FPS so much, and then I'd rather play an AAA FPS title, definitely not an Indie one. But you're right when you say that most of them tend to be quite innovative but tend to wear off quite fast.

It's also true what you say about Just Cause, it's fun in "little doses". I played for a bit but got rather bored soon, always the same, although fun. I'm a bit disappointed with 3, I enjoyed 2 much more, could be because it's quite the same over and over again, although it has been some time ago that I played 2. The mechanics are indeed very interesting but if not executed well, it can be frustrating at the same time.

I loved f.ex. the train sequence in Uncharted 2, that was also executed excellently, and pure fun to play. The scenery changing in the background, it could go on and on and your always had the feeling being somewhere else, wondering on how they did that.

I didn't start Shiness either, and I'm a bit concerned about these 1v1 battles, as my least favorite genre are the fighting games. So I will have to see for myself if I'm gonna like it or not.

Btw, did anyone of you play Active Soccer 2 DX yet? It's a remake of Kick Off, and it's quite enjoyable, although not very deep. Some stuff is still lacking, horrible menus f.ex. Music is done by Chris Hülsbeck. I earned already every trophy, as I quite played a bit already. Nice to pick it up for 5-6 games, in between other stuff. There's also an official remake of Kick Off by Dino Dini, but that's horrible in every single way, and it was way more expensive than Active Soccer. Not updates improved it so far.
Harrison 10:47 13th May 2017
I remember reading about Active Soccer but forgot all about it. Will have to take a look.

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Demon Cleaner 12:05 21st May 2017
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
EDIT: Ok, just got to know that the PS3 doesn't support 2TB disks I ordered now the smallest possible 320GB for 35€.
Didn't get the HDD yet, so I cancelled my order and ordered another one, this time 1TB which was only 25€ more, plus it's 7200rpm instead of only 5400, might even speed up things a bit.
Demon Cleaner 12:29 23rd May 2017
Finished The Sexy Brutale yesterday, was quite good, nice visuals, ok gameplay, nice idea, would rate it 7/10.
Demon Cleaner 10:44 7th June 2017
I got my HDD for PS3, some week ago or so, and the backup I did just worked fine, so everything was still the same like before, plus I have a bit more space now, put the 1TB in.

Currently I'm testing all my PS3 games, around 300, and delete whatever I don't need or is complete trash. It has to fit on my 2TB external anyway.

Testing also PSX games, I just love to test some of the crappier games, that not a lot of people know, plus I love sports games, like soccer, ice hockey, football, basketball and such, plus the more strange non simulation racing games. So I went through my collection, plus downloaded some weirder ones, so that I basically have all of the sports games, and they're going in for a test now, I must say, some big turds among them But that makes me test another 100 games, plus at the moment I'm converting all of them to .bin or .iso files, but the PS3 reads them quite nicely.

Then I will do the same with PS2 games, having a collection of around 1500 games, plus again searching for the less known ones will take again some time, and on the other hand, the PS2 games have to be encrypted to PS2 classics so that the PS3 can read them properly, but there's a nice PS2 Manager with covers and such, which makes it then look nice.

These games, the "good" ones I will then leave on the internal disk for further play, if that will ever happen.

I also installed emulators, UAE, VICE and ScummVM, which work quite good, really surprised how well ScummVM has been ported. UAE although is a bit of a pain, and so far I managed to run 2 or 3 out of 10 games, could probably be because the version is based on UAE 0.8.29 r10, and perhaps the dumps are not the best. Because I think that was a major problem on the Amiga already at the time, when you got a bunch of game copies, a lot of them tend not to work, compared to the C64, where basically everything ran that you threw at it.

I also installed RetroArch, with every single game in my collection for NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, GBA, PC Engine and of course our favorite MAME. The sets I have are already shrunk so that no game is appearing in several versions, that took a lot of work back in the day, mainly did that for my handhelds, but still happy that I also kept these sets. RetroArch also got updated just yesterday, how funny is that, as the latest version for PS3 was 1.36 beta, and basically after that nothing happened anymore, and this one has some nice additions and runs quite stable, once configured.

Coming to the PS4, I eventually played Shiness, and I have to say... it is a huge disappointment for me!! Once I started, straight away thought ok fine, the graphics are indeed not the best, but whatever, it's good for the style of game it is. But nothing else really works in the end, at least for me. The platforming first of all is awful, you have to run over trees and jump over little platforms, but it's hit or miss, like these easy looking jumps that shouldn't be a problem to make, but you fall down because your 2m jump only went for 1.9m and it glitches make you hang in the air for a while and finally miss the jump. Talking about glitches, there's many.

The combat is also one big problem, whilst the system is interesting and not as bad as it seems, the camera f.ex. is horrible. Sometimes you don't see your opponent at all, and you need to turn the camera endlessly to find him, but during that time, he already hit you several times taking half of your HP away. And in some situations, depending on the terrain, the camera was just behind me in some very deep grass, where it was covering the whole screen in grass, but you did not see anything else. Plus the parrying system is hit or miss, you have to time it meticulously, otherwise you get hit all the time, at least I didn't manage to do it well, succeeded around 15% perhaps, or even less.

The puzzles that are there are also meh, as every character has their own, but boring and uninspiring, and instead of making it fun to solve a puzzle, it just makes it a chore and you wish it was over already, and the next time you have to solve one, you'd rather switch off the console.

So not fun at all for me, I'm so sad now that I bought this at a full price of 40€, if there would have been a demo, I would definitely not have bought it. Others might enjoy it, I guess probably the battle system gets better the further you play, but I couldn't even manage to do so, so after 2 hours I quit and deleted it from my disk, not even wanting to give it a second chance.

Let me know your experiences once you play it.

After that I play a bit 2Dark, which is an ok pixel art horror game, with a very morbid theme, could offend some people, but I also got bored quite fast due to the trial and error every 5 steps you take. Frustrating, and I don't like to get frustrated, especially in games.

So out of my frustration I then bought the WipeOut Omega Collection, and enjoyed that quite a bit. It looks gorgeous, especially on the big screen, runs absolutely fluid, and is a pure joy to play. Only problem with that one, well the same I always had, I kinda suck in WipeOut Already failing the 4th or 5th race several times, and playing a bit online didn't make it better. But it is FUN, and that counts. And how long is the game out? One day? One race I did placed me 4000th something with 4.12 minutes on the clock, when I checked the first guy, he made it in 3.02, so that's over 1 minute faster than me. How is that possible?? I can probably be 10 seconds faster if I keep trying, but over 1 whole minute, man?? At least there were also people behind me
Demon Cleaner 10:37 13th June 2017
Started with Assassin's Creed Chronicles 2 days ago, and finished already the first episode, China. I have to say that I really enjoy it a lot, despite some reviews who mention that it's too much trial and error, but I have to say, even as a casual gamer, I only had to restart several parts 5-6 times, I never got really stuck. But anyway, I love stealth games, so that's probably why this one also suits me.

I also started Knee Deep yesterday, finished the first act, and I like it quite too. Murder case solving narrative adventure mainly focused on making choices, you don't even move your character yourself, but instead it moves along a theater set by itself, so you don't even have to worry where to go next. Interesting so far.

Also tried Killing Floor 2, as it was for free this month on PSN, thought it at least a campaign, but no, you just kill waves of zombies in a frenzy way. Not for me, played 5 minutes, removed it from the disk.
Harrison 16:45 13th June 2017
I could never get into Killing Floor much. Own both but never played them much. The multiplayer is a bit better.

Not heard of Knee Deep.

I also like stealth games as you can go at your own pace. Have you played the Styx games? You will like them. They are stealth games where you play an assassin goblin and are prequels to the strategy game world 'Of Orcs and Men'.

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