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Thread: What are you playing?
Teho 21:31 21st February 2018
I think maybe this was mentioned earlier in the topic but the makers of Flatout 4 aren't the same guys who made the first two original games. So no wonder it's not up to par. The original developers are working on Wreckfest which has been in early access for a long time. One to watch, possibly.
Harrison 11:48 23rd February 2018
That might explain it then. I didn't enjoy 3 and haven't bothered with 4. The first was the best.

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Demon Cleaner 16:29 23rd February 2018
The 3rd one is said to be the absolute worst in the series, the 4th is better, but still not very good.
Demon Cleaner 11:12 14th March 2018
Still playing AC: Unity, although I'm almost finished, missing one sequence. I liked it a lot, and I'm also often doing other stuff than following the main plot.

Played Agatha Christie: The ABC murders with my girlfriend, she likes that kind of stuff, and it's a good change for me too, I like playing together with her, mostly PlayLink games. The game is not too bad, some tedious puzzles, interesting cases though, keeps you playing.

Started a Be A Pro career in NHL 18, and it's awesome. I skipped the 17 edition, that's what I usually do, and started now with Be a Pro, the mode I'm usually playing, and it's better than the 16 edition. Played almost through one whole CHL season, some more games, then playoffs, and then I will get drafted, looking forward to which NHL team will draft me this time. What was quite funny in NHL 16, my favorite NHL team is the Nashville Predators, and in NHL 16 I got miraculously drafted by Nashville How are the chances?

- - - Updated - - -

Finished AC: Unity yesterday and started with The Division, I always wanted to try that one out. But boy is it hard!! Didn't know that. I have problems passing the first missions, I have to replay them several times already. The enemies just keep running at you, you can take 3-4 hits before you die, and on the other hand, they can swallow 3 whole bullet magazines before going down. If this continues like this, I will eventually have to drop it.
Demon Cleaner 17:37 14th March 2018
Interesting, as I continued, I came to the point where you can do matchmaking for the missions, that makes it a lot more interesting, as up to 3 buddies can join you, missions get more difficult, but manageable as you have help. Iím starting to like this now
Harrison 11:33 15th March 2018
I own the Division but have never played it. Recommened?

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Demon Cleaner 15:24 15th March 2018
Not yet Played 4 missions together with the same people yesterday, and I really enjoyed that. Missions get quite difficult, but as you are 4 people, you can revive each other, and if all of you die, you just respawn just before where you died. Happened several times, but it was still fun.

Managed to get to level 10 during this 4 missions, and your gear starts to get better, plus you can upgrade your base operations which then give you nice talents and perks.

The game looks great, gameplay can get a bit repetitive, but as long as itís fun, itís fine. And Iím playing the single player campaign now, and itís nice that you can get help from other people around. So far, the people joining were all around my level, which is also nice. The mission will always be as hard as the top leveled person in your team. The matchmaking is really good, you can even team up to free roam the city.

Didnít yet go to the Darkzone, and honestly I donít yet know what that is for? I only know that you get the best loot there. Anyhow, the game is a lot about looting and crafting, RPG style.

You have to know what youíre in the mood for before starting with the game, playing solo is killer commando, you wonít survive long, and youíll get frustrated in no time. Playing with ďfriendsĒ is a blast, and you can have hours of fun with the game.
Harrison 06:58 16th March 2018
I've just got Final Fantasy XV with the PC release so will probably start playing that in the next couple of weeks. Really looking forward to this. I managed to pre-order it just before release to obtain a few extras.

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Demon Cleaner 09:45 17th March 2018
I still have to finish FFXV, I'm in chapter 13, so not too far from the end I guess. I also have the DLCs, bought the season pass together with the game, although I heard that the 3 individual chapters are quite average.

Yesterday I continued with The Division, and I tried to play one mission, the only one which is level 10, like me, got 2 guys together with me, but we didn't manage to succeed, I quit after 10 tries, it's just pure bullet hell!! Perhaps it's better to be 4 instead of 3, but what I read, if you are 4, then it's gonna be even more difficult. Wtf.

Started playing Everybody's Golf and I enjoy it a lot, always liked their titles, and this one is no difference. Easy to pick up, pure fun to play, recommended.

- - - Updated - - -

Talking about that mission about level 10.

The “end” fight is just mad.

There’s always bosses. And on top of their health bar, they also have shield. In this level they have 8 shield. You have to shoot 3-4 times to get one of the shields down. If you manage to destroy all the shields, he only has his usual health bar left, and you still have to shoot him many times. But these bosses don’t have guns, but instead an axe and guess what, also a physical shield. So when you shoot him, you don’t necessarily do damage. And as he doesn’t have a gun, he’s charging at you all the time, like crazy. Running away being the only option, and being vulnerable to all the others surrounding you.

On top of that, there’s 6 of them!!!

Plus you have your normal around 10 gunmen who shoot at you, and they don’t miss, plus 10 other guys chasing you with huge flamethrowers.

And yourself, you can take 3 hits. Yes you heard correctly, 3. So don’t wait for the other guys healing you when you’re down, as they are quite busy themselves not to die.
Demon Cleaner 03:32 20th March 2018
Started and finished Shadow of the Colossus. Having mixed feelings about this. Whilst the game is ok, hunting down colossi is entertaining and rewarding, I kind of miss something else around. Empty world, nothing else to do, finished the game in 5 hours only. Well sort of, didn't finish the last one, as the 3rd time I fell off him, I almost smashed my controller, and the 4th time I quit and uninstalled the game, rage quit par excellence.

It looks beautiful, it's calming to play, but what is the most annoying, is the controls, for everything. The horse is less maneuverable than a 100 ton tank, honestly, no one of the developers play Red Dead Redemption before? The controls for the boy are cringe worthy, never had so much problems jumping around without falling off the next ledge. And why the hell do I have to hold the R2 button all the time when climbing somewhere, otherwise he falls off. I understand it's for grabbing, when you mount a colossi, but otherwise. Again, nobody ever played Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed? And the camera is a nightmare too, turning it around constantly to have a proper view, when climbing colossi not very helpful.

I would rate the game barely a 6 out of 10, and I'm gonna sell it straight away. I just should have played the PS3 version, that one would have been for free, plus I wouldn't even have spent 5 hours. Point.
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