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Thread: What are you playing?
Demon Cleaner 15:39 20th December 2017
Stopped with Digimon Story some days ago, was already in chapter 15 of 20, but it became insanely difficult, due to one feature I didn't pay attention, also because I wasn't explained. Every Digimon has an ABI (ability) value, which is very low in the beginning, 4, 8, 12 at most. I had already several of my Digimon in the 2nd last stage, like level 75 to 90, but to evolve into the ultimate Digimon, level 99, you need this ABI value to be at least 20. I completely missed that. So the only possibility to do so is devolving your Digimon again, the he gains a lot in ABI, then evolve him back. Problem is that once devolved, your Digimon falls back to level 1, and you have to level up again until between level 50-60 to evolve him again, takes time, and there's no really nice grind places in the game. As this would have taken me too much time now, would have been QUITE tedious, I decided to stop with the game, would I have been told earlier, there wouldn't have been a problem. Because like this I lost my last fight, one enemy killed 9 of my party Digimon, and I didn't inflict him 1 single damage point, as he also healed all the time, quite frustrating.

I continued now playing Just Cause 3, and enjoying it now more than before.
Demon Cleaner 06:36 25th January 2018
Just Cause 3 is sometimes a mixed bag, lately I enjoyed it quite a bit, but last time I had to stop playing after 1 hour, as it got on my nerves, mainly some stupid difficult mission caused that, plus the normal roaming also got on my nerves, which didn't happen before.

So I laid it to rest and started with Darksiders, I never played it before on the PS3. I thought it was not too bad, graphics obviously a bit dated although it's a remaster, but the gameplay was fun enough to continue. But then, the next day, I faced the first bigger boss, called Tiamat, and oh boy, I can't manage to hit it even once!! It introduces you to the boomerang, which you have to use continuously to fight this boss, but the controls of it are rather clunky. Then I checked online what the toughest boss in Darksiders is, and 90% point to this one. So I had to stop already, only after a few hours of playing.

Now I started with Metro Redux, playing Metro 2033 first, long time I didn't play an FPS, and this one I like so far. Difficulty is still manageable at the moment
Harrison 08:48 25th January 2018
The Metro games are great and the remaster versions well worth playing.

I've not played Darksiders in a long time. I didn't play it for many hours so maybe i reached the same point. I hate it when a game is ruined by a difficulty spike.

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Demon Cleaner 16:21 26th January 2018
Especially in the beginning of the game, apparently the other bosses are a joke compared to the first.

Finished Metro 2033 already, was quite enjoyable and not too difficult throughout the whole game. After that Iím gonna start Metro: Last Light.
Harrison 23:01 28th January 2018
A couple of weeks ago my 5 year old son discovered playing cards and was interested in patience (Klondike). He then asked if he could get it on the old tablet we let him use. I searched and noticed Microsoft solitaire was available. Everyone used to play the built in windows version and i thought it would be great to have it again. Installed it on my new S8 phone and discovered it's the same free version as Windows 10, and both are tied into your xbox account. Quite cool. Has the same 5 solitaire games, settings, challenges etc and runs really well on android.

So i can blame my son for now being addicted to Microsoft Solitaire again! The addictive part is daily challenges where you earn coins to build up to trophies. Each month you get 5 challenges per day (1 for each game) and completing all 5 adds more bonus coins. You can keep going back to other days in that month to try and finish them all. This month I'm up to gold and getting closer to platinum but only 3 days left!

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Demon Cleaner 09:13 29th January 2018
Tiago 16:26 29th January 2018
i am playing Rimworld in my peecee. The game is quite good. A lot of stuff to control, and you have to use your brain in how are you going to deal with so many things you have to do. I should have now, some 40 hours of it, and i am loving it.
Demon Cleaner 11:52 1st February 2018
Started with Metro: Last Light now, exact continuation of the first game, good.

Bought Forza Motorsport 7 ultimate edition and whilst waiting for the download to finish (100GB), I saw that Split/Second would be for free next month (XBox 360 game), but as I own the original, I just installed it on the One X, and started playing again (almost finished it back in the day). And I must say, loved it then, and still love it now, one of my absolute favorite arcade racing games, forget about Motorstorm: Apocalypse!!
Demon Cleaner 07:22 8th February 2018
Finished with Metro: Last Light, was also good, samish than the prequel (story continuation, gameplay is utterly identical), although it was a bit tougher near the end, but nothing impossible to overcome, did not restart more than 7-8 times for one specific section.

Now I wanted to start an open world game again, thought about Assassin's Creed Syndicate, as I also have Origins, but didn't play Syndicate yet, and as always I want first to play the previous game, although the Assassin's Creed series are not really connected to each other. But then I noticed that I also still have Unity! I know that a lot of people say that Unity is one of the worst Assassin's Creed titles in the whole series, but also read that after it has been patched several times, it has drastically changed to a whole lot better game, still far from perfect, but a lot better than the day 1 release. Any opinions?

On the other hand, looong time I didn't play (continue) with The Witcher 3, but purchased both DLCs some time ago, I might wanna revisit Geralt and his buddies.
Harrison 14:02 8th February 2018
Out if all those Witcher 3 has to be the best. Definitely at the top of any RPG list.

Next month sees the PC release of Final Fantasy XV.

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