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Thread: Having surgery 16th of March
Kin Hell 11:44 11th March 2017
Just woke up like it! - WOW m8!!
Demon Cleaner 17:43 14th March 2017
Ok, so not long anymore before I have to be in hospital, tomorrow at 15:30. Still working today, will leave in 30 minutes, then I will still enjoy my evening at home. Tomorrow morning I will then pack, and go to hospital, still down know what exact time the operation is on Thursday, I guess not too late, as I was told that the operation itself will take almost 5 hours.
Harrison 01:05 15th March 2017
Good luck. Hope for a speedy recovery.

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Demon Cleaner 12:59 15th March 2017
Thanks to all of you, leaving in 1 hour to hospital, will be back as soon as possible
Kin Hell 14:20 18th March 2017
You're a couple of days on now DC.

Wishing you well fella & speak soon.
J T 04:44 21st March 2017
Have you got any cool pics of the operation?

Hope you are well....
Demon Cleaner 08:24 24th March 2017
Hey, finally home again, since yesterday.

Everything went really fine, at least the doctor said so

It is still quite painful, every movement hurts like hell. Getting up from the lying position is always a big task associated with pain. I have then to wear a corset, a real impressive one, that keeps me straight. Have to wear it when sitting, walking or just standing, and take it off to lie down. Good that our health insurance covers the costs, as it costs 800.

Really painful is also lying in bed, and turning from one side to another, takes me every time 5 minutes and really hurts. Problem is that I can't lie on my back nor belly, thus I have to be on the side, which also brings up another problem. My hips are hurting because of lying down all the time. Therefore I have to change position from time to time, and I always hate when it comes to that moment. But it's already better now, I can sit down longer with the corset on, in the beginning I could sit at all, because after 10 seconds I got always so nauseous that I had to lie down again immediately. Anyway, changing the position from sitting to standing and vice versa is never funny.

After the operation, I had 4 Baxter in my left hand, plus one injection syringe in my right hand with morphine, so that I could trigger it whenever I felt too much pain, which was unfortunately 9-10/10 most of the time. Then I had 2 drains in my back for the blood, and 1 in my best part to pee. Imagine how well you could sleep!!

Looking forward to full recovery, which will obviously still take some time. At the moment a nurse will come every day for 1 month to change the bandages and give me an injection in the belly to prevent thrombosis. Will get the stitches removed the 4th of April, and have to do a radio again on the 18th of April, after that, the 25th I will start to go to kines-therapy for 32 sessions.

Have only to take painkillers and some antibiotics though, so nothing to worry about.

I have a nice scar on the back too, luckily it's where my oldest tattoos are, so the new stuff was left untouched

Harrison 16:34 24th March 2017
Ouch! That does look very painful. Fingers crossed it does finally fix the long term issues and the pain now was well worth it.

Great to hear from you and that the operation went well. Wishing you a fast recovery.

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Kin Hell 11:51 25th March 2017
Glad to hear all was well DC. Fully appreciate your predicament now you're on the road to recovery & hopefully, you're going be in better health when it's all over.

Just take it real easy fella & all the best.
Demon Cleaner 18:51 29th March 2017
Got the stitches (agraffe) removed today already, had to go to the doc, as I still have a lot of pain, plus the bleeding wouldn't stop, and he decided to remove them, as it looks good.

He told me stop the injections 2 days ago, and that helped a lot, because it's meant to thin down the blood, and obviously I didn't need it, and it stopped the bleeding almost constantly within 2 days.

So the nurses don't need to do injections at all anymore, plus the bandages only have to be redone every 2nd day instead of every day. And only for 2-3 more times, if the bleeding is completely stopped.

I also only have one more blood test to do on Friday, can skip the 2 others.

Things getting slowly better, although I wish the pain would be reduced a bit moee, as sometimes it's just still unbearable.
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