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Thread: Toshiba Libretto 100CT
Stephen Coates 06:09 29th August 2018
I'm pleased to say I finally got some emulation running on the Libretto.

I installed some old versions of WinUAE, WinFellow, DOS Fellow, and DOS UAE, and had mixed results.

The emulators under windows were perhaps barely usable but a bit too slow. Worked much better under DOS, but I didn't have a DOS mouse driver or sound driver installed at the time I tried it.

Fellow exhibits a problem where it doesn't display the character in some games. As you can see in the screenshot, Superfrog runs OK, but Superfrog himself is invisible. I seem to recall having this problem years ago.

I took the machine to the Lincs Amiga Group a few months ago which is where the photos were taken.

PS. Its always fun having that PCMCIA Wireless card there for scale .

Harrison 10:12 29th August 2018
Nice. Could it run Linux? You might have better emulator performance with less overheads from the OS?

Or even native Amiga emulation such as Amiga Forever.
J T 23:44 29th August 2018
And yet, the tie saga remains unresolved.
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