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Thread: If you could pick only one?
Harrison 09:40 24th February 2017
If you had to pick a single retro system as your only system, which would you pick and why?

You can't pick pc, sighting emulation. It has to be gaming purely on that system.

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Kin Hell 10:44 24th February 2017

Nothing could touch it in it's hey day & an 060 with PCI cards is still a slick machine today.
Stephen Coates 13:43 24th February 2017
I think I'd definitely go with the Amiga.

You say we can't choose the PC, so no IBM 5150s then?

I think I'd choose the Amiga based on its powerfulness and also my familiarity with it.
Harrison 14:20 24th February 2017
I also would have said Amiga, but from a gaming perspective it's a bit harder these days. The SNES would be in the running for me too.

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Demon Cleaner 15:49 24th February 2017
I would also say Amiga, but as I still have a lot of love for the C64, I would probably pick that one over everything. True, the Amiga is already a lot more powerful and has a lot of games that I have truly fond memories of, difficult to decide. Could perhaps in the end decide towards the Amiga, as the games were already a lot better, even a lot of them only graphically (musically).

I don't know why, but I would never pick a console over these 2 computers.
Harrison 11:29 25th February 2017
Consoles back in the 8bit and 16bit eras did feel very limiting to those from a computer background. I remember seeing a few games i liked but not really getting the whole console thing.

Other than arcade games and an Atari 2600 I had been purely a computer user since the Acorn BBC A up to the Amiga. Only then did I finally buy a SNES and then a Playstation. It was at the point where the Amiga finally couldn't keep up. A sad moment.

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Demon Cleaner 15:44 25th February 2017
I first played on a Philips G7000 Videopac which my cousin owned. That was in the late 70s. Funny story, the PacMan game it had called Munchkin, also included a construction kit, so we always built together a maze where the ghosts couldn't catch you, and played then that maze for hours Quite boring, but we enjoyed it a lot.
Puni/Void 09:48 26th February 2017
I'd go for an Amiga 1200 with HD and some extra memory. It has a huge variety of games, everything from strategy to full-blown action titles, as well as Klondike AGA for relaxing gaming.
J T 23:18 26th February 2017
N64 with 4 joypads. Nothing has ever, EVER come close to the epic Goldeneye (and later Perfect Dark) sessions that I had in the late 90s. Carnage, brutality, intimidation, high-pressure multiplayer action, non-participants enthralled by the action, winner stays on, it was the essence of gaming, the crucible.

The 64 had so many great games. Mario 64, Mario Kart, the zeldas, banjo kazooie, Rogue Squadron - even some of the less heralded gems like Blast Corps & Wave Race just had that charm, even the WCW wrestling games brought something. I loved my Amiga but the N64 was the pinnacle for me.