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Thread: CASDuino/TZXDuino going to prototype PCB
Buleste 11:03 21st February 2017
I've taken the plunge and decided to try to get a PCB built of the CASDuino/TZXDuino to fit in the same PP9 case that I use for my standard builds.

Piotr Bugaj (Zaxon) designed his own TZXDuino Shield based on our design but without the motor control or a case which is available from here. So with the help of his design I used Diptrace to design one with the 2.5mm motor control socket and right angle buttons so that it will fit in a case. It's now off at to get two prototypes made.

I'll keep you updated as to when they come back.

CAS-TZXDuino Sheild.jpg
Harrison 01:16 22nd February 2017

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