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Thread: Commercial games missing on the main site
Blue Jedi 18:25 26th July 2007
You dont have Christmas Lemmings thats was an awsome game.
Harrison 23:31 26th July 2007
Christmas Lemmings was a coverdisk special and not a full game release, but don't worry, it will be added as we get to it. We were first concentrating on commercial games and then going back and adding whatever else we can find including coverdisk exclusives, shareware and freeware.
AlexJ 00:24 27th July 2007
I think I'm right in saying Christmas Lemmings was also known as Holiday Lemmings.
Harrison 00:38 27th July 2007
You could be right, although there were quite a few special edition Lemmings demos created for magazine coverdisks, so they could be different.
Blue Jedi 18:09 27th July 2007
Christmas lemmings was a cover disk special it had Christams Scene themed maps and Music and all the lemings had Santa hats.

Holiday lemmings was a different game.
AlexJ 23:13 27th July 2007
Right I've worked out there were 4 Xmas Lemmings games:

Xmas Lemmings {1991} (4 levels - two Xmas themed, two from OhNo...)
Xmas Lemmings 1992 (4 levels - all Xmas themed)
Holiday Lemmings 1993 (32 levels)
Holiday Lemmings 1994 (64 levels inc. the 32 from '93)

'93 and '94 are on the website as they were sold commercially, '91 and '92 will be added at some point in the future as they were non-commercial. If you're willing take some screenshots of the game in WinUAE (Between about 10 and 20 showing a variety of levels and a couple of the menus, in PNG format about 640x512 in size) I'll add the entry in.
Harrison 01:19 28th July 2007
`I hadn't realised there were so many Xmas themed versions of Lemmings released. Were there also some other released for other times of the year? Maybe Halloween or Easter? I seem to remember there was some game released on a coverdisk that has a theme other than Xmas, but I'm not sure what it was. Will have to look through my coverdisks and see.
Blue Jedi 14:24 28th July 2007
Xmas themed versions of Lemmings were great and the Xmas music and having all the Xmas lemmings wearing Xmas hats was awsome.
Harrison 15:34 28th July 2007
The Xmas themed Cannon Fodder/Sensible Soccer demo was even better though.
Blue Jedi 20:02 28th July 2007
Christmas cannon fodder and sensible soccer was awsome. I had look at my amiga collection and there was alot of christmas themed games on amiga James Pond 2 had christmas themed levels and sleepwalker had alot of christmas themed levels aswell and there was many more christmas themed games.

Christmas Cannon fodder did not go down to well though at the time for various reasons.

But I think it was awsome I love Christmas and christmas themed games.
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