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Thread: PS4 VR
Kin Hell 17:56 8th December 2016
Question for the PS4 VR Users:

After a half hour session & for about 5 mins afterwards, do you feel like the edge of your eye lids (not the eyes) are smarting/feel itchy... "Like a chocolate or a strong mature cheese overdose-rush"?

I had this sensation after every 30min session when on Oculus Rift via 2 x GTX1080's....

I also experienced what I felt to be, a motion sickness feeling getting nudged from behind over a kerb on Spa.
....Sat in a Caterham on the double S-bend on the back straight behind the pits. It was weird turning a GT500 force feedback wheel to the right for the first turn whilst getting a shove from behind up & over the kerb another way with my back end. The wheel didn't hurt my arms but whilst my vision kinda went off-level for a split second, both elbows ached inside. I had to let go of the wheel & flex my arms a few times but went through it. Only the once in 5 x 30 minute sessions. Weird experience.
Tiago 16:48 9th December 2016
Motion sickness, no.
But after 1 hour of playing in VR, i close my eyes for 20 seconds before removing the VR. If i remove it without total black for some seconds, if feel a bit desoriented but only for 5 seconds.
But no Motion sickness and no itchy.
And i have a very strange thing, i have small myopia (is this how you say in English? (I don't see well in long distances), and after a session of VR, if i go out, objects are more defined, like there was no more myopia ... it only last for 10 or 15 minutes but in that period i can see much better.

A friend of mine can't keep the vr for 5 minutes as he start to feel very sick.
Kin Hell 10:13 10th December 2016
@ Tiago

It might be worthwhile asking a good Opthalmic Optition about this as there is obviously some eye strain if you can see better over distance for a while after.

The Irony that you can actually see better would just be egg in your face if long term exposure to this completely screwed your eyesight forever.

Eyesight is very very precious. Do check it out bud.
Harrison 13:56 10th December 2016
I'm still concerned about the long term use of VR headsets on your eyes. I can't see how it is good to put your eyes in a light tight box and have bright screens right in front of your eyes.

Also the issue with focusing. The reason it takes time after use for your eyes to adjust is because you are focusing on a short distance, but your brain thinks it's looking at more distant objects. This messes with the brain. Take the headset off and it takes your brain and eyes time to sort out working correctly again.

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Kin Hell 14:25 11th December 2016
Me too H.....

60Hz on a CRT monitor is seriously bad for your eyes. I can not emphasize this enough. Even 75Hz long term can cause problems.....

I'm sure the early 3D Glasses force 60Hz @ each eye...... & I know Oculus Rift bangs 90FPS constant, but not sure if that is 90Hz @ each eye or 45Hz per eye? - Can't see it being 45 tbh.....

@ Tiago

You can exercise your eye muscles which I guess you are doing in a way, by being able to see a long distance enhancement after VR use. I'd still check it out though.
Tiago 17:36 12th December 2016
Well i guess you are right i will go to the doctor to talk about it. But when i say i see better after vr, it's just for some minutes and it just a bit. I am not sure if it's really an temporary improvement or it's just my brain telling me that that's the right way to see... :-)
Demon Cleaner 05:13 13th December 2016
Originally Posted by Tiago:
Motion sickness, no.
But after 1 hour of playing in VR I feel a bit disoriented but only for 5 seconds.
But no Motion sickness and no itchy.
Same here (without closing my eyes for 20 seconds).
Kin Hell 13:56 13th December 2016
Nice one Tiago. Better to be safer than sorry, but your Doctor might suggest you see an Ophthalmic Optician or Optician.

Not sure how things like this work where you are.
Tiago 13:27 14th December 2016
They should work the same way as in the rest of Europe... some times yes, sometimes no...

I got the game Robinson the Journey for VR, i liked it a lot. Very cool, but once again a very short game. Loading Human was also a very small game.
VR is great, you can see that is possible to do great work with it, but games tend to be small.
Demon Cleaner 05:01 15th December 2016
I read that Robinson: The Journey wasn't so good, graphically it was good, but gameplay wise it was quite fiddly.

Wanted to buy Eagle Flight, but definitely not for 40.

I bought Wayward Sky, that's quite nice, also if you want to have a girlfriend friendly game

Rush of Blood is fun and Batman too, plus they're all only 20, which is fine in my opinion.
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