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Thread: Your best horror games?
Harrison 20:52 28th October 2016
With Halloween here, what are your favourite horror games?

For me the first Silent Hill still sticks in my mind as one of the best psychological horror games.

The first 2 Resident Evil games were great for jump horror. And more recent ones like Alien have been great.

So what are type favourites?

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Demon Cleaner 07:28 29th October 2016
Dead Space 1&2 were quite tense imo.

I have Outlast & Outlast Whistleblower, didn't play them yet, but I think they might be quite scary too.

To be scary, I think the game needs to be played in the dark, on a BIG screen, with a perfect sound system, that's one requirement. And you will probably disagree with me on this, but realistic graphics also do their job, I don't see why I would be scared about some polygon monsters on muddy textures? From PS2 on it got better because it got more realistic, before that, horror was a lot less effective, me thinks.

I also think that Siren: Blood Curse quite scary. Or the Fatal Frame (Project Zero) franchise.

Alien: Isolation seems to be scary too in it's own way. Have it, still have to try it.

Didn't try any PC horror games yet, and there's many coming out. Like the Penumbra or Amnesia series. Or later releases like The Park or Layers of Fear.

Looking forward to some VR horror games, Here They Lie isn't that scary, but Rush of Blood has its jump scares. Wanted to try Resident Evil 7: KITCHEN VR HD Demo, but it refused to work, have to try it again, apparently it's quite scary.

EDIT: Btw, here's a little collection of some good scary short films:

- Lights Out (
- Don't Move (
- Mamá (
- Bedfellows (
- He dies at the End (
- Night Night Nancy (
- The Smiling Man (
- I Heard It Too (
- 3 Seconds (
- Play Time (
- Pictured (
- Alexia (
- Lock Up (
- Skypemare (
- 2AM: The Smiling Man (
- Snap (
- Deathly Presents (
- The Cop Cam (
- The Guest (
Teho 14:00 29th October 2016
I second Dead Space. The sound design in that game is top notch, makes the games what they are in my opinion. It's the atmosphere that sells it in that game, the monsters aren't really scary at all.

I also liked Silent Hill, but I found the second one to be better. Again it's the atmosphere they build that makes them so chilling. I never get scared of monsters in games or in movies. If they don't nail the atmosphere then horror games or movies don't work for me at all. So I rarely play or watch them, only when I hear that they're supposed to be really good.

So I played Outlast and I was very disappointed. It didn't work for me at all, and the suspenseful parts when you were hiding from the monster and hoping it wouldn't find you I just found annoying. I kept saying go away allready so I can continue and get through this game!

I haven't played Alien Isolation but it is supposed to be really really good if you're into horror games. Also there is Amnesia from some years back, people kept saying that was good as well. Haven't played that one either though.
Harrison 08:54 30th October 2016
I've got Amnesia but not played it yet. Must really give it a go.

I don't know how I forgot Dead Space. The suspense as you are expecting something to happen is very well done.

Regarding audio in horror games. Retuning to the first Silent Hill, it had really good surround sound that worked very well as you were moving through the mist or down the dark rusting corridors. Hearing things scratching and shuffling around you. I expect a lot of people missed out on 5.1 audio back then. And in fact considering how good home cinema audio setups can be these days I'm surprised most people are happy to just use a TV's built in stereo these days. Games and films have some great surround sound.

DC. Thanks for the short film links. Will watch them later.

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Kin Hell 10:03 30th October 2016
For the PC & being an FPS nut, i'd have to say Fear

Game Movie Links for 2 & 3

Fear 2

Fear 3

I had a 7950GX2 back then, as did a good friend of mine. We both agreed that neither of us had ever played a game where your own shadow on the wall could make you almost crap yourself. Very jumpy for a shooter.

I could also nominate Aliens V Predator 1999 - from here:
My good friend would wince & whimper when the Scanner went off playing as a grunt. When the Alien came in for attack, he would just turn away from the screen saying, "No no no" whilst shaking his hands free from the mouse & keyboard to deal with the horror flooding his mind....

@ DC

Alien Isolation did nothing for me. - It was the worst Kon$ole port-over I've ever played. - Even the skinning of juicy/slimey stuff looked like something from Doom back in '93 & locked to 60fps as a bonus!
Demon Cleaner 12:54 31st October 2016
The Amnesia Collection will come to PS4 on the 22nd of November, might be a good opportunity to grab it.