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Thread: Amitech Maximem settings
Teho 13:11 31st August 2016
Can anyone tell me the jumper settings to make this memory expansion card work in a 500? I got a 500 some time ago which had this installed, however the Amiga doesn't recognise it. The card looks very nice, I don't think it's broken. But there are some jumpers on it, and a couple of switches. I'm guessing these needs to be fiddled with, but I can't find a manual for it anywhere online. So, any ideas?

Oh, I'll be removing that battery from it. It hasn't leaked but doesn't look too healthy either.

I might want to increase the RAM on it as well sometime, but then I would need a gary adaptor as well. Anyone know where I can get one and some extra RAM chips for this?
Harrison 07:18 1st September 2016
The jumper setting might be the same as a couple of mine. I will take a look when I get time and let you know.

If you want to add more ram consider 2 new developments. The Kipper 2k 8MB and the ACA500.

The Kipper2K adds 8MB of ram to the A500 and piggy backs over a chip in the motherboard. I've got the A600 version and it works perfectly.

The ACA500 is something quite interesting. It plugs into the side expansion slot and adds 2MB fast ram, but also provided a 14MHz 68000 and CF slot that works as an internal HDD. Giving the same ability as using one on an a1200. Quite cool.

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Kin Hell 14:43 1st September 2016
Wish I could help with this, but is the end of the battery looking a little fury?
Teho 17:54 1st September 2016
That ACA500 does sound cool. But in the end the only reason I thought about installing more RAM on it was because the slots were there. When I googled that and saw it required an additional adaptor to do so I figured I probably won't bother, just thought I'd ask around anyway. My main interest is to get it working. This 500 is the only one I have, so this is the only expansion card I have as well. Having a 500 and it only being 512k is just too bad. But don't worry, I still have a couple of 600s and a 1200 with a 68030 lying around so am not short of Amigas to use.

I decided a few years ago that I should really stop using these old machines until I've given them a thorough cleaning and checked their components for any damage, reseated chips and see if solders are still ok on bits that tend to come loose like the power connector in the Amigas for example. I just started now with this 500. I also have a number of C64s, a C128, a couple of Sharp MZ-700s and some old consoles (including a CD32) as well.

And don't worry Kin Hell, that battery is coming off. Not taking any chances.
Kin Hell 10:03 2nd September 2016
Good stuff fella.

& yeah, an A500 with only 512K is merely a cumbersome "door-stop".