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Thread: CF Card with SFS real vs emualtion
Tiago 11:44 5th July 2016
i gave it another try with a compact flash for my A1200. I formatted as SFS, follow the correct instructions, but could only do it in Miggy, in UAE i was not able to recognize the card, (i have that option in the command line after .exe bla Bla bla). After A1200 did the partition and format, winuae can read it.
After that i went copy all files with Filemaster3 (inside winuae) from my classicwb 3.9 to the CF card. He crashed 2 times during the copy (screen freeze). When i try to copy demos or games (whdload)
he crashes even more. So to copy all files i need a lot of time. But the CF in the miggy works perfectly. benchmark gives much better speed then FFS.
But why the hell he crushes so much in winuae, and works well in miggy? I am using a 8GB CF with 2 partitions with 3.8 GB each.
I try to use only 1 partition with 500mb but it's the same thing. If i use FFS, i does not crash.
I am sure i did the correct steps in hdtools and used smartfilesystem file.

How to use a CF in Winuae? Like a normal external HD?
Harrison 09:45 6th July 2016
I've also had loads of issues setting up CF cards in the past. It was the transfer rate set in HD TOOLKIT which had the most effect in stability. Look in our wiki if you haven't already as I did a few articles on setting things up.

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Kin Hell 10:50 6th July 2016
Just make sure the CF is mounted & PC-formatted. In the Hard drive section, add the device as a hard drive, leave on default controller & check Read\Write box.

Once you're in the Emulation, (I use Amikit) run HDToolbox, select the correct scsi controller & you should be able to read the CF to set up the partitons as just on a real Miggy.

& yeah, some brands of CF cards can be sketchy.....
Harrison 16:21 7th July 2016
SanDisk have always been the best for anything. Only brand I use. Beware of fakes on ebay and amazon though.

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Kin Hell 13:08 9th July 2016

....Fakes on Amazon?
Harrison 02:34 10th July 2016
Third party sellers.

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Kin Hell 10:57 10th July 2016