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Thread: Amiga 1200 video problem
Tiago 16:16 4th July 2016
my A1200 start to show some problems in image.
I am using a Scart cable that i think it is ok.

Image quality is good, but, it trembles every 5 seconds or so. But after some minutes it usually stops.
The caps only have +/- 1 year. Imagine the border of a window, the vertical line of the border trembles about 10 or 15 pixels each side, that stops and stay totally fine, then after 5 seconds trembles again. It does that vertically not horizontally. What could it be?

Also, i notice that under OS3.9 (ClassicWB) with my LG LCD 1080p i am able to change resolution far more the 640x256 witch was the highest i could go. Some time ago, more then 640x256 screen would flick a lot, now, i put a custom resolution of 1024x768 and it is fine, no flick no problem at all, just the tremble. But that tremble is the same at any resolution, even 320x200 is does that.
Am i getting crazy? how the hell can i put 1024x768 or higher without a flicker fixer/scan doubler???
Harrison 20:36 4th July 2016
Double scan modes? Your monitor might be supporing them. As for image wobbles I would first look at the scart cable.

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Tiago 10:40 5th July 2016
Hi, i feel embarrassed
the resolution it is not as high as i thought it was, i just did the uncheck of standard resolution icons, and changed it to 1024x768. The resolution is the same but the working area of workbench is higher, it goes beyond the visual area, like an extended screen in windows....
never mind... lol
i notice then in interlace modes it always trembles, in non interlaced it trembles a bit, then it stops after a while.
I need to try with the A600 or A500 to see if he does the same thing, yes it is the cable.
Harrison 08:47 6th July 2016
As is always the case the Amiga was way ahead of its time with virtual desktop space. It was a nice idea being able to use a large desktop area that you could scroll around, but I never found a practical use for it as it's a bit disorientating having stuff outside of the screen's view.

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Kin Hell 09:56 6th July 2016
Sounds like 0ld age to me. Trembling all the time trying to Double the Scan rate & then just spacking out every 5 seconds otherwise.

How old is the panel?
Tiago 12:11 6th July 2016
Sorry my English, what you mean with "panel"?
Kin Hell 10:33 7th July 2016
My bad too Tiago, sorry.

I was guessing you are running the 1200 on a Flat Panel LCD with Scart input??
Tiago 10:56 7th July 2016
Yes, A1200 with 1230 in a LG LCD with Input Scart.
Kin Hell 12:45 7th July 2016
So how old is the panel?

Do you have another panel/screen to try?
Harrison 15:22 7th July 2016
@Tiago. Panel = LCD/screen.

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