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Thread: I got an AmigaOne XE G4
Puni/Void 13:22 4th November 2021
Originally Posted by Harrison:
The floppy drive had long been officially dead now. No system had come with one in some time. It reached a point where there really want much that could fit in a risk any more. Plus usb sticks and sdcards are so cheap these days.I

The more worrying thing for me is the trend of removing Ethernet ports. Most new laptops don't have them. Got a bit stuck with my wife's last new one when she got it. It would not connect to Wi-Fi, saying it needed to download drivers, but it has no Ethernet port. Hmm..
I like the nostalgic feeling of using floppies. A while ago I bought some new floppy disk labels from AmigaKit to make my collection look a bit nicer. Also got my hand on some "new" disks to copy recently released games and demos onto. Inserting them into the Amiga and hearing the loading sounds brings back memories. Having the same on an Amiga NG would make it a bit more "Amiga" I think.

As for regular PC's, I can understand no floppy drive. Easier using a USB stick for example.
Harrison 13:25 4th November 2021
Definitely isn't an Amiga without that iconic loading sound. Although I hated the constant click of the empty drive and always installed a noclick utility.

But I have to admit my main 1200 and 600 both have Gotek drives these days because it's so much easier. Especially as I've converted a lot to adf files using my Kryoflux. But I still have another A1200 with a drive to load real disks.
J T 01:17 5th November 2021
I had never heard of a noclick utility.

But then, as I never had a hard drive, there would not really have been any occasions when my A500 didn't have a disk in it.
Harrison 14:29 8th November 2021
It was a little program the loaded in the workbench start-up sequence. All my Amigas had HDDs so would boot into Workbench if no disks were inserted. Loudest drive was probably the A4000. Although it was drowned out by the even louder PSU. That was loud.
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