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Thread: I got an AmigaOne XE G4
J T 02:01 13th December 2017
Are you pleased with it Steve?

Going back to the SSD question - what's the boot time like (from power on to full responsiveness) with the current set up?

I don't think I could go back to having my everyday pooter booting from a mechanical hard drive - I'd rather die. I suppose for a hobby computer it's OK.
Stephen Coates 12:05 13th December 2017
I'm pleased with it. I think it will make a nice machine when I've finished making it work.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to use it properly yet due to various things not working.

It doesn't take too long to boot up. Maybe 45 seconds or so from the Uboot (aka bios) screen to desktop. I don't know whether an SSD would be much faster. Bearing in mind that this is now a 15 year old machine. I would certainly consider getting an SSD for my main modern computer next time I upgrade though.
Harrison 10:28 20th December 2017
Ssds do make a huge difference in boot time and general os resposiveness. Can change a Windows machine from 2 mins to 20 second boot time.

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