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Thread: ZX Spectrum +
Buleste 09:00 11th March 2016
Should be getting my grubby little mitts on a Spectrum+ today. Finally I can test the Arduitape with one and then it's composite mod.
Harrison 13:08 11th March 2016
Nice. Is it in good condition? Please past some pics.

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Ghost 18:44 11th March 2016
* He returns from Oblivion yet again to grace the topics of the Classic Amiga forum () *

Neat, what is a Spectrum+ like? (I assume it is a member of ZX Spectrum family)
And what games do you have for it.

Hope it is okay if I also ask this here: are there any people who play the games developed in the fifteen years for the Spectrum?
A while back I was playing with a Spectrum Emulator (spectaculator), trying out games like Wanderers: Chained in the Dark, and Castlevania Spectral Interlude.
I really should get the complete version of the emulator.
Buleste 09:58 12th March 2016
Hehehe. Tested it and it worked with the RF but the picture quality was terrible. What was great was that my Arduitape design works perfectly so loading games that are converted to .Wav file of less than 22050 Hz is sorted. Unfortunately whilst performing the mod I didn't realise how brittle the keyboard membranes are and split one of the connectors so I can't type LOAD"". New one ordered though from RWAP via SellMyRetro.

Using the down time to clean the case and keyboard.

Spectrum + is a 48k Spectrum but with a real keyboard instead of a rubber one.
Demon Cleaner 14:08 12th March 2016
I had one like that, never used it though Was only for the collection. I wasn't the Spectrum guy anyway
Ghost 20:46 12th March 2016
Do any of you still play with the Spectrum today, or is any of your Spectrum libraries simply for the sake of collecting?
I considered it a few years ago but Harrison convinced me it was best just to focus on collecting things I truly have a connection with such as console and PC gaming, Star Trek and so on.
Good decision to because no long after my income took a serious hit from which I still have not recovered (I want a job so much)
Buleste 09:45 13th March 2016
I will definitely be playing Spectrum games. If only to test my Arduitape to it's limits. Plus with owning an MSX there are a lot of straight Spectrum conversions so it would be interesting to see if there is any loss in speed in the conversion.

Edit: Been looking at the books etc that came with it and it looks like mine was a rubber key 48k that has had the keyboard upgraded to a plus as I have the instructions for the upgrade. It also comes with the original receipt and it was bought for 129.98 in 1983.
Demon Cleaner 10:55 14th March 2016
You should consider the Vega+ console:
Buleste 09:10 15th March 2016
I only really want it for my Arduitape project. See if it works. See if we can get it to decode TZX or PZX files on the go.
Harrison 08:37 16th March 2016
Have you tried your project on the Amstrad CPC?

I've recently been reminiscing about my CPC464 and have always wanted a CPC6128. And the later Plus models intrigued me. Although with emulation I don't really have a need. Maybe later. Never personally wanted to own a Spectrum though. The hardware and software abilities have always seemed a little too basic for me. Especially when most games got a direct CPC port anyway, and they don't suffer colour clash.

Equally as you mentioned many of the game's were also on MSX and that was definitely the superior hardware of the era. Shame it never really made it to the UK at the time. I've never used one other than emulation. That's a system that interests me.

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