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Thread: Vampire 600 and general accelerator card values
Tiago 17:34 8th February 2016
Hi mates,
the new Vampire V2 looks very very cool, the price, i think it is 150 euros, it's a good price compared to a 1230 card.
I think i will wait for the A1200 version. But now i have a question. I have a Phase 5 Blizzard 1230 MKIV that has a very high market price. More then 300 euros.
I think the Vampire 1200 will be great and have much more power then my Blizzard.
Do you think the 1230 cards will drop price, or they will keep it anyway? I mean, the blizzard is a "genuine" Amiga product. But will people buy it with a card like vampire??
Harrison 17:49 9th February 2016
That is a hard one to answer. The Vampire cards are amazingly fast compared to real 68k cpu accelerators, but will they run games at the correct speeds and be fully compatible? I've not read any real world tests other than speed tests yet.

I guess you are wondering if you should sell your Blizzard now to cash in, then buy a Vampire when it's available? The Vamp doesn't have an mmu but not much uses it. Virtual memory and Linux.

As for price. Who knows. Prices fluctuate all the time. However with the Vampire now released the price of A600s is shooting up at the moment.

I'm waiting and seeing what happens.

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Tiago 13:23 10th February 2016
Originally Posted by :
I guess you are wondering if you should sell your Blizzard now to cash in, then buy a Vampire when it's available?
Yes, that's the point!
Harrison 14:15 10th February 2016
It will be interesting to see how the Vampire once released for A1200 also impacts price and sales of existing high end accelerators featuring 060 and PPC. 060 might take a hit, but PPC will still be needed for OS4. Although with the Vampire being so fast would it then be possible to consider a 68k port?

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Tiago 15:17 10th February 2016
Good point.
The fact is that a lot of people will still want "original" hardware. There will be always market for 1230/40/60 cards, specially for Blizzards. But how much the price will drop? before Vampire, the Blizzard 1230 is still a great card. The A1200 has some new cards, but the MKIV still has a lot of demand. But for how long? Getting 250-300 Euros makes me think if i should sell it. I have one for it's power, i don't care much if it is a original Amiga card or not. I would trade my card for a Vampire 1200 i guess
And i am really afraid that the price drops to much.
As the A600 will raise his value, the A1200 will go for the same way. So for one side the accelerators would also rise if the demand for a A1200 is bigger, but in the other hand, vampire delivers more power for less money then a 1230...
And now imagine that i sell my card, and then the Vampire 1200 don't see the light of day...
I really don't now what to do.
Harrison 19:08 10th February 2016
I'm happy with my Blizzard 1230 MKIV as it's more than enough for whdload based gaming, which is all I mainly use a real Amiga for these days. But if the Vampire 1200 does happen I might get one for my second A1200.

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Demon Cleaner 00:36 11th February 2016
I'm glad I don't have these problems anymore
Harrison 12:36 11th February 2016
Do you ever miss the real hardware DC? Although I do mainly just use emulation these days for retro gaming, I do still like to fire up a real system sometimes. Ams for consoles I much prefer the real thing

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