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Thread: Arduino to play the audio file in Zx Spectrum
Tiago 10:41 3rd November 2015
I didn't put the LCD yet. I put a LCD but for other project, i did a clock with a RTC Texas instrument chip. I put the data/time/temperature on the LCD, but it was a fixed character set.
Buleste 10:49 3rd November 2015
I'm not sure about how to hook up the LCD just yet. Going through as many samples as I can find as to how others have done it so that I have a clue.
Tiago 12:18 3rd November 2015
Read my article. It's in Portuguese but you can translate it in google.
You have a schematics about it. I can send you the code to put a hello word in the screen
Buleste 17:31 3rd November 2015
Oh. I know how to get stuff to display on the screen but it's how to get the screen to display filenames on the sdcard with this particular module that is what I'm looking into now. If you look at the blog I've already built and programmed with a separate SD card module but this one looks like it requires different programming.
Tiago 10:50 4th November 2015
hum ok. I didn't get to that point yet. Not enough time. I will try to do it on next weeks. Let you now my progress.

But your problem is how to display the file names on LCD? Or how to retrieve file names from Sdcard?
Putting text on screen is easy, but my lcd is 16x2 characteres, so if the file name is 40 characters long, it must scroll.
Getting the file name from Sdcard... i don't have any clue, i am using a simple code to read the MP3 from the card, but the code grabs the first file in it. I have to search a way to list all files and choose one.
Buleste 16:09 4th November 2015
I know how to do it on my old system but it's getting the scroll and displaying the full filename on a 1602. I'll sort it out soon I'm sure.
Buleste 15:53 21st November 2015
Finally got my kit yesterday. Wav playback is only for files that are 44100 Hz and whilst MP3 files MAY be audible to the human ear it's whether the computer recognises them that's the issue. So far I've not managed to get an MP3 to work on my MSX however after much trial and error to get the right frequency I did manage to find the right one. Now I need to add Motor Control to the Nano so that there are pauses when the computer requests pauses.
Buleste 12:11 24th November 2015
Okay. Motor Control works and after translating the datasheet for the YX5300 (which is the chip onboard) I've sound that the supported sampling rate (KHZ):8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48. Struggling to find out how to read filenames and print them on LCD so far and getting no support from Arduino forums.
Tiago 17:03 24th November 2015
Does that board not go higher then 48khz ? You said before that it does 44.1
If you could do 48khz... did you try higher then that?
Buleste 10:02 25th November 2015
Yes. it does play 48kHz. I have also found out the board doesn't allow the reading of filenames so unless you know the track order on the sd card it's nigh on impossible to select the right game.
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