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Thread: Amiga 500 SD HXC or Gotek?
Flying Penguin 14:29 17th October 2015

I got an Amiga 500 and am looking to get a Floppy Drive Emulator but am not sure what brand to get I been looking at the Gotek and SD HXC.

Are there any pros and cons to either drive emulators?
Harrison 09:29 18th October 2015
Not really. HXC is better if you plan to use it on multiple systems. Otherwise the Gotek is a great budget solution. You can also flash Gotek's with HxC software, but you have to buy the firmware for about 10. It also now supoorts a 2 line LCD to show adf filenames.
R-Tech 11:24 1st February 2016
Is it too late to ask to not butcher the Amiga case?
Harrison 02:09 2nd February 2016
That's a long argument with most people either firmly in the case mod or keep it original camps. Personally it depends. I would and have modified some of my Amiga cases to fit Gotek and other hardware. But I have spare untouched backups of the same models so I've still got a good backup.

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