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Thread: Finally moving house!!!
Harrison 02:53 4th October 2015
After a long process we are finally moving house!

We finally exchanged at the end of last week and are completing (moving in) on Monday 19th October. Moving from Fishbourne (Chichester) in West Sussex to North Bersted (Bognor Regis).

The new house is a large 1937 semi-detached property with 4 bedrooms, garage etc, but what we really loved was the garden. It has an 80 foot rear garden, but this then leads on to a 0.3 acre woodland, which is all part of the property.

Here are some pictures.

1985_BRG103513_IMG_07.jpg 1985_BRG103513_IMG_08.jpg 1985_BRG103513_IMG_11.jpg 1985_BRG103513_IMG_10.jpg 1985_BRG103513_IMG_09.jpg 1985_BRG103513_IMG_13.jpg 1985_BRG103513_IMG_14.jpg

No inside pictures.

The inside needs a lot of work to bring it up to date. The Kitchen and Bathroom are being ripped out as soon as we move in and the rest of the house redecorated. It also has fireplaces in the lounge and dining room, but they are both blanked off with electric and gas fires in front. We are getting those removed and the original fireplaces reinstated, with an open fire in the lounge and a wood burner in the dinning room.

Some history.

As some of you know I've had a bit of a house nightmare over the past few years.

We purchased a newly built house in 2006 and happily lived there for years. However in the 2012 storms the house flooded and we had to move out for 6 months whilst it was dried out and restored. Bit of a nightmare anyway, but made worse because my son was only 5 weeks old when it happened. The house wasn't in a flood plain and whilst Fishbourne village did have a history of flooding, the actual house's location didn't, so no authority or service was interested in investigating the causes, or putting into place any preventative measures.

After being restored we moved back in December 2012, just in time for Christmas. Roll on a year and Christmas eve 2013 the UK had another really bad storm with very heavy rainfall, and guess what? The house flooded on Christmas Eve! Luckily we were going away for Christmas to our parents, but did manage to secure a rented property the same day. A really nice 16th century cottage. The house was again restored and in April 2014 we put it on the market for sale. We stayed in the rented cottage until August. We had a few offers and 2 near sales, but they both pulled out when they discovered we had flooded twice and not once (out estate agent wasn't the best). So we moved back into the house in August and continued to try and sell it.

We did a lot on this time to get everything possible investigated. We contacted every agency (Environment, Highways, local water, planning control etc), and whilst initially no interested in helping once we got out PM involved they suddenly all investigated and checked everything for us. Sadly we didn't achieve any proper answers, but all of the drainage system in Fishbourne has since been cleaned and maintained, and all ditches and balance ponds cleared. Plus the local pumping station renewed.

The government then announced a flood grant scheme so we looked into this and discovered we could claim up to 5K towards flood prevention work. We had a flood survey carried out, as well as an independent surveyor whom investigated everything to work out the best preventative solution. The total works ended up costing about 7K, but we did get the full 5K grant towards it. We had special air vents with none return valves, flood barriers to front and back doors, all walls sealed, and a foundation sump pump fitted to extract any water that got into the house's foundations.

Roll on to April 2015 and the estate agent wasn't being that great so we took the house off the market and and put it on with another agent whom was also a chartered surveyor and knew about selling houses with flood history. With the flood prevention work now completed they found us an investment buyer within 4 weeks!

Now 4 months after that we have finally exchanged and are moving to our new house in a couple of weeks. We had a short sales chain, but the house we purchases had a lot of complications because the owners had lost a lot of paperwork regarding things like Deeds and Tree preservation orders. Anyway, that is now all sorted and we are moving!!
Teho 07:49 4th October 2015
Glad to hear this, Harrison. All those nightmares with the previous house hasn't sounded much fun at all, and the new place looks great!

It's a lot of work maintaining a garden like that though, hope you're up for it!
Kin Hell 09:38 4th October 2015
Really looks Nice Dave & what a lovely kind of home to bring a growing Family up in.

Guess you'll need to consider a ride-on mower now.

Buleste 09:53 4th October 2015
Awesome. You no longer need the boat.
Stephen Coates 14:13 4th October 2015
Sounds nice. The big garden should be good. I miss having a decent sized garden.

Lets hope you won't have any more trouble.
Demon Cleaner 03:45 5th October 2015
Nice man, although I wouldn't be the biggest fan of the garden, I absolutely hate gardening myself.
Harrison 12:59 5th October 2015
It definitely takes motivation to work on a garden and keep it nice.

Our existing house, being a new build, has a fairly small garden and we have always hated how restrictive it is, especially for Tom to play in.

When looking to move one of our main aims was to find somewhere with a much bigger garden. We have lots of plans for it over time. One of the biggest is to build a cabin in the garden that can be used as an art studio (Annabel wants to get back into pottery so that would be great to house a potters wheel) and also for painting, screen printing etc.. I've always wanted a dedicated art studio space for this.

Also at the moment the previous owners had the bottom of the main garden as a vegetable garden. However I want to move that down into the larger woods area as there is a perfect section to the right which seems to get a lot of light. Then the main garden can be a nice long grass area for Tom to play in. And maybe some decking and a summer house at the end with a BBQ.

The woodland is also at the moment fairly wild with bluebells coming up (as seen in the photos), but we want to turn it into more of a formal garden with grass and paths. That will take some time but will be an enjoyable on going project.

My dad has also said he will build Tom a tree house as there is a perfect Oak tree for this. Although I think at the moment the plans the 2 of them have come up with might be a bit too ambitious.

It also had a lot of fruit trees and bushes. Plums, Pears, Apples, Currants, Blackberries, Gooseberry's etc.. which is great as we really enjoy growing fruit.

Anyway, loads of possibilities and plans. First though the actual house needs the work. I want to repaint the outside as it's a pink colour at the moment from a brick render they had applies some years ago. I'm going to repaint it a light cream or white. The fireplaces in both the lounge and dinning room are currently closed off and we want to restore those to working condition so will source some period fireplace surrounds from reclamation yards. We also want to take up all the old carpets downstairs and expose the floorboards. Possibly sand and stain them. And the Kitchen and Bathroom will be ripped out as soon as we move in and replaced. Plus the rest of the house needs redecorating as it hasn't been updated in a very long time. nearly every wall is papered so some might need to be replastered/skimmed. And finally the electrics will need some work as there are not many sockets in some rooms (especially my new games/study room).
Tiago 15:36 5th October 2015
Man, that garden is bigger then my house and the street together.
Tom will have a lot of space to play. Birthday parties will be so cool with that space.
I went looking in google maps, and is it only like 10km from you previous home correct?
You should be quite near the sea.
Harrison 08:43 6th October 2015
Yes that's right. About 5 miles, whatever that is in KM. And just over 1 mile 1.6KM from the sea. And they have lots of parks and playgrounds, plus a pier and small amusement arcade. Bognor Regis is a proper seaside holiday location. It also has Butlins there too. The house isn't quite in main Bognor, just north of it in North Berstead.

If you wanted to find the actual house on Googlemaps it is in Greencourt Drive. I will PM you an exact link.
Tiago 13:00 6th October 2015
I love google Maps, i sent hours looking at places i never went, even places i would like to go.
I found the house, very easy as it is the only one with a red mail post in front of it... :-) a lot of houses are similar. without the post would be harder.
Funny, in maps, the gate more in the left side is different. It should be the gate that goes directly to back garden. They change it. witch on is the older version?

I guess your photos are recent, in google maps, you can see that stuff you put on walls for the plants to grown up. In you photos, plants are bigger and they are climbing the wals.
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