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Thread: Finally moving house!!!
Tiago 12:29 17th June 2019
Originally Posted by :
Some great things like discovering we had parquet flooring under all the carpets downstairs,
Discovering? How? was it under the actual floor? If so, how did you discover? this you break any tile so you can see under it?
Harrison 01:03 18th June 2019
No. The old owners had carpet fitted over the top of the parquet flooring. So there was underlay and then carpet on top. And the fitters had even nailed the carpet gripper rods right into the parquet flooring which was really annoying. But I was very careful removing all the nails from the grippers so it doesn't notice too much, but there are lots of little holes where they were. I am missing some parquet around the fireplace as the hearth is a different shape to the original the house had, so I need to find some from a reclamation yard. So you can see a bit of the floorboards beneath. The slate harth in the dining room for the woodburner was cut to fit the flooring so that was ok.
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