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Thread: Finally moving house!!!
Harrison 16:41 21st October 2015
Doing the hardest wallpaper in house first. Woodchip! Actually not too bad as my dad's been helping me and he has some wallpaper stripper that works quite well. We can't use a steamer because of the age of the house and the type of plaster it will have.

The first room to be decorated is Tom's. So far dismantled loads of built in shelving and cupboards. Those were a nightmare to remove. And stripped half the wallpaper. Going to continue tomorrow. Hopefully get the skirting rubbed down and painted, then it's pirate wallpaper on one wall and painted white for the rest. Then new carpet and finally paint the built in waldrobe the same blue as the wallpaper.

I will post some pics once done.
Kin Hell 13:17 24th October 2015
@ H

Ugh! Wood chip paper indeed.... It usually comes off easier ......the more coats of paint it's had, but a lot depends on the quality of the paper itself.

Is it just one room or the whole house in different colours of Wood chip?
Harrison 09:40 25th October 2015
Just 2 walls of Tom's room thankfully. Rest of the house is papered, but a lot of it is pealing already and just pulling a piece in the hall and the whole sheet came off, so most should be easy.

Worst issue at the moment is the Internet. Was meant to go live last week, but nothing. Even though phone line was working the day we moved in. Indian call centre rang yesterday and said I couldn't get the Internet where I live because of line quality. I instantly blew the idiot up as I'm currently connected to my neighbours bt infinity wifi and getting 5Mbps via the bt hotspot setup. Proving we can get it. The Indian didn't understand a word said and was just talking over me.

Eventually he agreed to arrange a line and local cabinet engineer investigation to take place this week, then to place a new order on Thursday. Idiots.

When will the world realise we don't want idiot Indian call centres ringing us up. We want people from our own country to talk to. Best service I've ever had is Admiral insurance, who use a Welsh call centre.

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Stephen Coates 10:37 25th October 2015
That's good that the paper came off easily. Will you be putting new wallpaper on, or just painting it?
Kin Hell 14:22 25th October 2015
Ntb for the wood-chip scenario. Nice one!

RE Internet issues: The only way you'll get away from Indian Call Centres is tell BT to do one.

Get cable from Virgin if you can......
Harrison 08:28 26th October 2015
No cable here, and I would not touch Virgin with a barge pole.

I will find out this week on Thursday what is happening. Strange that the previous owners had infinity here but now the line seems to not be able to support it (according to the Indian call centre). I'm wondering if they connected the new phone number to old hardware at the exchange, or in the local cabinet.

It's going to be more than annoying if I have to go back to adsl.

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Harrison 08:36 26th October 2015
Originally Posted by Stephen Coates:
That's good that the paper came off easily. Will you be putting new wallpaper on, or just painting it?
In Tom's room I'm just papering one wall with Laura Ashley pirate paper, with the other walls painted white.

Hallway we might paint if the walls look ok once stripped. My game/study room is painted lining paper at the moment so I will proudly just paint over it to freshen it up. Not sure about main bedroom yet. And probaby just paint 4th bedroom. Lounge and dining room are currently fairly plain white paper which we are going to live with four the moment until we get the 2 chimneys done (wood burner in dining room and open fire in lounge).

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gargo 19:35 12th June 2019
Green court drive seem to be 8 meters above sea level to me.
J T 23:02 12th June 2019
I guess in 4 years the tectonic plates may have shifted a bit and the sea levels changed too
Harrison 09:40 17th June 2019
Wow, forgot about this thread. I will have to make a follow up thread soon showing the house and garden with before and after photos.

Still actually working on the house. Lots has happened since we moved in. Some great things like discovering we had parquet flooring under all the carpets downstairs, so ripped all the horrible carpets up and exposed the lovely wood flooring. Needs sanding and recoating but not urgent.

Discovered some very dodgy 70s wiring, and in the end have done most of the electrics myself. All plug sockets were still mounted on the skirting boards, so I've been chasing out the walls and mounting the sockets up into the walls, plus adding a lot more sockets and usb charging points.

Walls were quite bad under a lot of the paper in many rooms. Cracks, holes, lots of scraps. Took a lot of filling, sanding, skimming, but nearly all rooms done now. Dinning room and main bedroom walls still need doing but budget has meant we have left those 2 rooms until last.

Kitchen was the first room done soon after moving in using a builder. But he was bad and we made him leave the job after a lot of really shoddy work. I had to fix his work and finish it off myself. Will go into that more another time.

In contrast the new bathroom we had fitted about 18 months ago is superb. Couldn't have found a better kitchen fitter at an amazing price.

In the lounge and dinning room I ripped thr horrible electric and gas fires out and opened up the chimneys. Discovered the old owned had ripped the lot out, so only the brick chimneys and fireplace holes remained. After much searching we found companies to fit a really nice open fire in the lounge, and a wood burner in the dinning room. Really pleased with both.

Also discovered after taking wallpaper off that the house originally had picture rails, so I've been refitting those as I've completed each room. As the rooms ceilings are high it looks much better with them.

Will create a proper blog as originally mentioned over the summer showing it all.

One nightware we have had is trees. In storms about 18 months ago a huge ash tree fell down. It wasn't actually one of ours in our woods, but just the other side of the bottom fence in a neighbours garden Their garden was so small the uprooted root ball lifted their whole garden up! The tree fell right across our bottom land though, and damaged my nice old pear tree. After much insurance company arguing they would only cover the cost of removal on their land, so we had to pay a friend whom is a tree surgeon to cut up the whole tree for us. A lot of firewood though!

Roll on about 8 months and another similar size tree fell down, this time one of ours, but it fell along our back boundary and didn't really damage anything other than resting across a hazel tree. I cut the end off to clear it but the rest is just lying along the ground at the back of the land until I need the wood. Tom is using it to climb on!

Then the damaging pear tree finally fell over recently in a storm but didn't damage anything. Took me a couple of days to chop it up and clear it. Larger empty space left where that was. Will probably replace it with another tree. Maybe a plum tree or oriental cherry.

Also lost a couple of the Apple trees. They just died. Not sure the reason. They both fruited the first year but then thr bark pealed and they both died over the winter. They were next to each other, but not really sure why. Now both firewood.

Anyway, puctures to follow later in the summer.
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