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Thread: Finally moving house!!!
Harrison 20:57 15th October 2015
That is also true. My wife only keeps her own stuff.

According to her all my stuff is junk and clutter and taking up space she could be using as a guest bedroom. Amazing logic, to have a guess bedroom that might get used 3 times a year at most! Instead I managed to reach a compromise. We are using the smallest bedroom as a guest/spare room and she can have a small desk in my room for her school/office work.

Which has just made me realise, I've not mentioned the new room I will have. The room over the garage will be my office/study/games room. It measures 17'8" by 8' (5.38m x 2.06m). Nice and large to finally set everything up how I want it. I will post some pictures of that setup once it is all finished, as the room will need decorating and I need to get an electrician to install extra plug sockets and remove a very dodgy looking single bar heater which is currently installed above the main window! (I could do that myself but by law you have to get a qualified electrician in). Once that is all done and the room painted it should be great. I might also need to replace the carpet, but we've not been able to really look at and inspect the house carpets until we finally move in next week.

I'm also considering installing Ethernet around the house as I'm going to be pretty much renovating and decorating every room.

I'm also considering starting up a blog about the house to document the progress from start to finish. We have so many ideas it could end up being great, and documenting it should motivate us (me mainly) to work on it more.
Stephen Coates 02:15 16th October 2015
Sounds good. I'll look forward to you posting pictures of your new space .
Demon Cleaner 11:05 16th October 2015
Do you still have carpets in your house(s)? Is that common in the UK, or is it only because it's an older house which has not been renovated since longer time?
Harrison 11:42 16th October 2015
A lot of people do still have carpets in all rooms of their houses (other than the kitchen). However for quite some time now it is more common to have wood or laminate flooring downstairs and carpets upstairs. It's how we have always had it. My parents however do still have carpet downstairs too.

With the house we are buying, at the moment the whole house has carpet, but being a 1930's house a lot of people have got rid of the carpets and stained the floorboards downstairs as they tend to be very good boards.

Most UK house have stair and upstairs carpets though.

One thing I always find strange though is carpet in the bathroom. This used to be fairly common until the last 30 years.

I know a lot of countries in Europe have mainly tiled floors, even in the bedrooms. But they tend to be much hotter places in the summer.

What do you have? And what is most common in Luxembourg?
Stephen Coates 13:02 16th October 2015
We've always had carpet in the bathroom. Never had a problem with it as it as it only gets wet if you are really careless. I think its more comfortable having carpet in the bathroom.

My Dad's current house has a tiled floor in the bathroom, and that always shows up the dust.
Demon Cleaner 13:06 16th October 2015
We mostly have tiles everywhere in the house. I have f.ex. laminate in my 3 bedrooms, like you said, it's not as cold as tiles. But usually you put rugs/carpets around to make it warmer.

I remember when I was a kid, that at that time there were also still carpets in every room, but it's just so unhealthy, especially for little kids crawling over it and inhaling all the dust.
Tiago 13:18 16th October 2015
Originally Posted by :
little kids crawling over it and inhaling all the dust.
That's the biggest point.
Harrison 13:57 16th October 2015
My parents told me that when they were young you were considered rich if you could have carpet in every room, and only poor people had floorboards and a rug. Funny how times change and go full circle.

In the 1970's I remember everything used to get carpet, even the side panel on baths!

I totally agree that wood, tile or laminate flooring is so much healthier than carpet. You can easily sweep or vacuum it every day and know it is completely clean. Carpet can habour loads of insects and dirt, although we do have a carpet cleaner which works really well. I don't think it's safe without carpet on the stairs though.

@Steve. The problem with carpet in the bathroom is water. With tiles it doesn't matter if you get out of the bath or shower and get the floor a bit wet. You can just wipe it up or mop it. With carpet it soaks in then you have to wait for it to the dry. Not very healthy. And not good for the floor underneath.
Harrison 08:47 21st October 2015
Finally all moved in now. Very stressful and tiring moving Monday. Our house completed really early in the day at about 10, but the keys to the new house didn't get released until 14:30.

Everything moved in by 18:00 though.

Still packing boxes everywhere and can't find anything. Lol. Everything was labeled but as usual removal men didn't take any notice of box labels and put them anywhere.

Worst is broadband went live on Monday and I've not found the router yet! Same with phone.. Have the base but can't find the handset. They will turn up.

Sky installed yesterday so at least have the TV up and running. Managed to get the newer 2TB HD box, which is much faster than our old one to use. Plus 350 hours recording space, compared with 60 hours on the normal box. Also have a second standard box installed in the office.

The house décor is in a worst state now we can see it without the previous owner's furniture and stuff. Every room will need fully redecorating, which will be fun as all walls are papered.

Also some really horrible built in cupboards and shelves in every bedroom. Started ripping them out of Tom's room already.

Kitchen and bathroom are as hideous as we thought but we are coping. Can't wait for our builder to rip them out and replace them.

Going to start taking pictures today to document the progress, then will set up a blog.
Stephen Coates 09:52 21st October 2015
Have fun with the decorating . Hopefully the wallpaper won't be too much trouble. Some of our house had wallpaper when we moved in. The wallpaper in the bedrooms came off really easily, but the wallpaper in the lounge, hallway and stairs didn't want to come off at all. No idea what they used to stick it on with.
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