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Thread: Kickstarter for Amiga/Atari Game Player
Demon Cleaner 10:54 25th September 2015
Or even a hoax?
Harrison 14:42 25th September 2015
Indeed. I'm going to be contacting Cloanto to see what they know about this project.

Update. Mike at Cloanto has now been contacted to ask about this Kickstarter project, and also the companies behind it. If anyone knows the real legality of their claims regarding Amiga OS, Kickstart roms etc they should.
Harrison 13:34 28th September 2015
OK. Some more updates.

Account holde

The original poster's account for this kickstarter has now been banned on here. Upon investigation I discovered it has been registered with a bogus temporary email address.. so it looks like the account was registered here as a spam account to post this kickstarter.

Kickstarter project

Upon my own investigations and industry communications I cannot find anything to backup the claims made by this project and as far as I can tell they do not own any rights to anything to make this project viable.

From leading Amiga insiders, to the best of their knowledge this project doesn't contain any Amiga emulation. The question therefore would be how would they be running these Amiga games?

In addition, in communication with Cloanto, The Blackberry set (not the games per se, but some ROM/OS/trademark use) was under license from Cloanto, but they opted not to renew it.

The two companies linked to this account as far they know only have a trademark license, but that is limited by the terms of the previous settlement agreement with Hyperion and the coexistence agreement with Cloanto, i.e. "no emulation". I am not aware of them having a ROM or OS license.

This therefore indicates this Kickstarter project is bogus and a scam.

Opportunity to redress this issue

I invite the original creator of this kickstarter thread to contact me directly using the forum's contact me form if I have got this wrong.
Stephen Coates 15:42 28th September 2015
Well done for finding all that out Harrison .

Any idea why they would set such a high goal in such a short space of time though? Its very unrealistic, as they would have to scam a heck of a lot of people to meet the goal.
zapiy 06:39 29th September 2015
Good work Harrison. If it's ok I would like to spread this info? Pointing to this thread.
Harrison 07:48 29th September 2015
Yes, that's fine with me.
Teho 14:52 30th September 2015
Kudos from me too for finding all this out, Harrison. Maybe you should alert the Kickstarter guys too? They don't like scam projects much at all.
Demon Cleaner 16:11 30th September 2015
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