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Thread: MiniDisc and MP3: RetroSteve Modernises (a bit)
Harrison 12:40 21st September 2015
Apparently the internal IDE Zip drivers had the worst failure rates with the famous "click of death". The most reliable were the SCSI version.
Tiago 12:56 21st September 2015
btw, i have an internal ZIP drive (Iomega 250mb) with a proper bay ready to install in a A4000. If anyone want's it, i sell it at a very nice price.
Harrison 14:20 21st September 2015
Did IDE Zip drives work OK on the Amiga? I never tried. I always used a SCSI drive, which did work perfectly and let me read and write Amiga, PC and MAC formatted disks. That was really useful in the 90's as I was using Macs at University and Amigas (then PCs) at home.
Stephen Coates 16:55 21st September 2015
My IDE Zip100 drive has always worked fine. It probably hasn't had much use though.
Tiago 09:41 22nd September 2015
My Iomega 250 MB work fine in the A1200. You just need to install the zip driver. I always liked the Style of the zip drive. Didn't had any problems. But some people report that they crash after some years.
Harrison 10:33 22nd September 2015
I have the problem where one of my USB drives will read 3 or 4 disks, then it won't read any more. But then the next day it will do the same. It's like something it getting overloaded after a few uses.

Strangely I used it yesterday to access all my old Mac formatted Zip disks from university and early design project days and it read all of those disks fine and kept on working until I finished. Very strange.

My SCSI drive never has that issue though.

Also have one of those really slow parallel port drives. Never used it as it came free with my Z64 Mr. Backup years ago. Could be a handy spate for the drive mechanism though.
Tiago 16:14 22nd September 2015
I never user the scsi version of ZIP. My internal is IDE and i never had any problems.
Stephen Coates 18:26 22nd September 2015
I used an internal SCSI Zip drive in a PowerMac once. I think there might have been something wrong with the drive. I can't remember if it worked at all or not, but that was quite a while ago now.
Stephen Coates 15:20 19th June 2016
An MP3 player related rant .

My Mum has an iPod Nano 6th Generation from around 2010. Unfortunately the power button became non functional, which I fixed. Now I've fixed that, I can't get any audio out of it. For some reason, the iPod detects whether or not the headphones are plugged in, and its not detecting it.

I hate expensive miniscule hard to repair electronics.
Harrison 16:19 19th June 2016
They design them not to be repaired easily on purpose to make more money from repeat purchases. I wonder what percentage of the total sales of Apple hardware are for replacements?

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