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Thread: CoinOps7 R2 Released
Buleste 09:13 22nd August 2015
Installed a whole pile of DOS and 7800 games yesterday. Lack of keyboard is a bitch for DOS games. The C64 pack still doesn't have Last Ninjas on it so I wonder if there's a limitation to disk games? The details can be found on Lemon64 but no download link.
Demon Cleaner 12:01 22nd August 2015
In the first video at 2:00 there's The Last Ninja running.
Buleste 14:30 22nd August 2015
There's last Ninja for NES and Amiga Ninja Remix on Massive but C64 Last Ninja doesn't seem to be running as it's on 2 disks. From what I can tell so far there is capacity for it to run 2 disks. I've managed to add prg and crt games and d64 games but not d64 games that have more than 1 disk.

EDIT: Managed to get Last Ninja Remix Cart to work.
Demon Cleaner 21:40 22nd August 2015
Then it's probably because of the C64 emulator they're using, as f.ex. Vice64X runs multiple disks.
Buleste 09:06 23rd August 2015
It would also help if I'd looked up the supported games for naming text so I could name them properly. Lol
avant 10:20 23rd August 2015
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Any idea on the total size HDD needed for a full setup? All roms?
It will vary from person to person, as everyone adds what they want.

My install is 18,300+ games so far, and takes up most of a 750GB IDE drive.

Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
Nice, although some strange selection of games!

Originally Posted by :
Why the heck would you put this stuff, besides Wipeout?
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
But then again, why didn't they put Bruce Lee the original game
You can only add games that are on the "supported list". With each release we request new games to add to the supported list and then the developer adds those in as part of compiling it along with any other improvements he has added. The supported list has over 32,000 supported titles now. The updated release notes pasted in the OP state which games were added. The full supported list is in the CoinOPS help folder.

Bruce Lee was added years ago back in CoinOPS 2 or 3, but Bruce Lee 2 was added to the CoinOPS 7 R2 release, since it only came out just after CoinOPS 7 was released. You can use d64, t64, prg, crt, and tap for C64 files. Disk swapping is not currently possible. There's a few 1 disk versions of popular c64 games e.g. Pirates, and in some cases I have used tap versions of multidisk games. Mainly I just add 1 sided games. I've configured about 2,200 C64 games for CoinOPS now. The beauty is that once the set up is done each game is ready to play at the press of the "a" button.

You can use a wireless usb keyboard for computer games - and also you can map keys to the joypad.

I have a little blog where I post the packs I'm working on you can find it on google by searching for "coinops packs blogspot". Currently I'm working on a new snes pack of obscure Japanese superfamicom games, and a set of 250 ZX spectrum games with custom joypad settings (e.g. Back to Skool set up to use all the joypad buttons for catapult, water pistol, sit at desk etc).

Originally Posted by Buleste:
Why have the NES version of Last Ninja? Or NES Elite?
Personally I like being able to quickly switch among the different versions of a game, e.g. compare the ports of elite, compare the versions of Outrun etc across various platforms. Using CoinOPS on the xbox is the fastest and most effective way to emulate a large number of games across a variety of platforms I've found... change the selector to show games by title and then scroll through all the different versions of one game. Other people will just want to play the games they loved and restrict their set up to a smaller number. This platform is very flexible, and with component cables looks great on a large HD tv.
Buleste 15:35 24th August 2015
Pipmick has released a Amiga WHDload megapack 1.55GB download for Coinops 7. For more info go to the following link.
Buleste 10:50 8th September 2015
I've made a mini pack With Avenger (Way Of The Tiger II) for Amstrad, C64, MSX, and Spectrum with videos. It can be found here.

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