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Thread: Amiga Elite on Android
Buleste 09:00 12th August 2015
Alite has just been released on Android.

Based on Amiga Elite it allows you to control your Cobra Mark III either by touch screen or accelerometer.

If the game doesn't download from the Play Store go to the website. The APK itself is 400MB so make sure you have plenty of room and RAM
Demon Cleaner 09:11 12th August 2015
Looks very weird. I would rather play it on the Amiga then. Anyways, how are the controls?
Buleste 09:11 13th August 2015
Still trying to dock. They aren't too bad and matching the spacestation rotation is fairly easy.
Harrison 09:58 13th August 2015
I'm not sure about the graphics either. Something about the textures makes them look quite amateur. I will give it a go on my tablet when I get chance though.