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Thread: Who's upgrading to Windows 10?
Kin Hell 08:17 17th August 2015
Yeah H, mine is Home 10 & most things were on by default. One would think they would be off by default on the Pro, huh!
Cortana....... almost sounds like an Old Ford Car fs.... I have turned everything off to do with this & Bing can do a crosby for me!

So after turning off as much as possible, most things appear to be running okay. I've not had anything throw a pink one for the upgrade.

I did promise some benchies but just haven't had the time with lifes hectic pace atm. I did manage to get some Far Cry 4 action going for about a half hour yesterday. It's quite a demanding game graphically & feels much more Laggy for windows 10 over 8.1. Graphically in the game, colours appear more vibrant (shhhhhh! - I'd only had half a bottle of Henry Westons at the time) but there was a definite hit in terms of FPS & I didn't feel like LPB-boy anymore.

I might go back to 8.1 but one thing that has gob-smacked me is the much smaller footprint Win 10 has over 8.1.....
Perhaps this will become fubar in the months ahead. Most of Bill's releases always do!

The only saviour here is it was free & only cost some of my spare time. I'd be somewhat upset had I paid for this but then it's an OS for the masses & those that want their PC to behave like a Tablet or an Android phone! - Sheesh!
Harrison 13:32 17th August 2015
I've not done any gaming in Windows 10 yet as I've still not upgraded my main gaming rig to Windows 10 (doing so this week), but for some of my other systems I've so far found the OS faster to boot, and smoother to use. It also seems more stable that 8, and less likely to do strange things on a laptop.

Regarding graphics and taking a bit compared to 8.1, I'm wondering if this is a driver issue and not an OS issue. I wouldn't be surprised with nVidia and maybe AMD too have been lazy and just thrown the current Windows 8.1 drivers out with OS requirement changes, and will actually optimise them later. Time will tell, as will DX12.

Regarding behaving like a tablet, 8 was the big one for this and the reason for its failure. M$ actually listened to it's userbase and reversed that in 10 and I really like the return to much of Windows 7, but with the best bits of 8.1. I also like the new notifications bar. Much nicer than popup notifications and you can go back and see what they all were in a handy list. Also like the new start menu and changes to the file manager.

I do however still have a fondness for Windows 7, as I did for Windows 2000. My 2 favourite Windows versions to date. I do think Windows 10 might overtake them as I use it more. Especially once it is on my main PC.

Buying a new Samsung SSD today for the Windows 10 upgrade to happen tomorrow.
Kin Hell 07:28 23rd August 2015
I nearly returned to Win8.1 yesterday based on the poor 3D performance. There is a massive hit when using the nVidia 353.62 WHQL Win10 drivers. I saw it in rthdribl benchmark & felt it in Far Cry 4.

rthdribl use to give me aaround 1050 fps under 8.1 right @ the start of the benchie - Win10 was getting as low 850. Far Cry was laggy & stuttery..... bah!

This morning, I installed nVidia 355.60 WHQL drivers & everything now, as it was .......& I see rthdribl now pushing 1160 fps in areas where it use to under Win8.1......


....On another note, the Securities appear to have been tightened right up! - Either that or some dork went for a coffee break whilst writing the code for this part of Win10.....
"Even though you have set UAC to the lowest setting possible (Never Notify) when you try to manually write files to your C:\ partition, you are prompted to provide Administrative Rights in order to proceed".....
Harrison 09:47 23rd August 2015
That must be a home "feature". In Pro I've been happily editing things like the Windows Host file without so much as a sign from UAC.

I also noticed a huge improvement with nvidia drivers 355.60. Initially it was installed with the same drivers as Windows 8.1. I updated to the latest Windows 10 drivers later night. The benchmark in GTAV was half the framerate it had been in Win 7. New drivers and it's back to normal.

One strange thing I noticed in the GTAV benchmark though. The Ferris Wheel is missing. It's the only object that appears to not be there. The parts holding it up are there, just the wheel is missing. Any ideas?
Shoonay 16:17 23rd August 2015
W10Pro here too and UAC turned off stays turned off.
ruthan 12:02 23rd March 2017
Windows 10 for gaming sukcs, there are only 3 DX12 only games and much more other old games which are running fine in Windows 7, but dont in 10. DX12 is dead too, Vulkan looks much better and even now with multigpu support..
Harrison 00:59 24th March 2017
I disagree. I don't think I've found a single game that has issue with Win10 if it was working in win7. Yes some really old games have trouble but they did in 7 and Vista too. One of the few I can think of that refuses to run is X2.

As for DX12 exclusive games, remember how many stuck to DX9 way after dx10 was released? It really doesn't matter as long as a game is good.

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Tiago 12:19 24th March 2017
I never had a problem with Win 10 games. Don't even remember if Win 10 did ever crash in my laptop.
Kin Hell 10:41 25th March 2017
WinXP kind of set a Micro$oft winner. - 8.1 was sort of OK but had USB issues everywhere & now that I'm on a Legit 10 Pro, I can't complain other than the shite front end....

However, a quick Install of Classic Shell & life is good again!
Harrison 10:43 26th March 2017
8.1 sort of ok? I hated 8 to the point where I owned it but never installed it as a main os on any of my systems. Ended up just using it as a legal upgrade route to 10.

It was horrible to use on a laptop too as the touch pad gestures would keep dumping back into the tiled start randomly whilst doing things. And the slide out side menus were really annoying.

For many, including myself, 10 is the proper successor to 7 and has a very similar feel with many of the nt system menus restored.

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