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Thread: My Garage A1200 find
Kin Hell 17:51 3rd July 2015
What Display device are you wanting to run on this tower as a matter of interest?

Your Amiga Display deserves something better than RGB when incurring the expense of a tower & networking. The Internet is going to look horrible & be dog slow via RGB & no suitable Graphics card in place. Even an Indivision struggles to update the Web & don't forget the CPU too.
Absolute minimum for a Tower project should be a 40Mhz 030 or you're going to have a really clock-work/Steam powered experience.
Harrison 10:08 4th July 2015
Although if it is mainly for gaming then it isn't such a problem. But for gaming an 030 CPU accelerator is still a minimum really because the best way to game on an Amiga these days is via a HDD using WHDLoad. If however you are starting out using a Gotek floppy emulator to run games then it isn't such an issue to begin with and you can upgrade with a faster CPU later.
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