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Thread: My Garage A1200 find
Harrison 00:51 24th June 2015
That's great. Or keep the broken keyboard for spare keys?
Aughie 22:50 25th June 2015
I have scourced a PC Key 1200 Keyboard Adapter as step one in building a tower on ebay and bought it. How do you actually connect one of these to the amiga?
Harrison 00:27 26th June 2015
I think the one you have purchased fits into the actual keyboard socket on the Amiga motherboard, then it has a wire connected to a standard PC/2 PC keyboard connector which you can position on the rear of the case. I also think your adapter can use A2000 and A4000 keyboards, which if you could get one would keep the keyboard Amiga authentic.
Kin Hell 09:26 26th June 2015
Result on the keyboard fella & spares if you need them.
Aughie 18:17 30th June 2015

This is the adaptor I bought. When I had my keyboard troubles earlier on one occasion I accidently removed the plastic locking mechanism completely but luckily it was easy to reseat. Do I need to remove it when I insert this adaptor or just push it into the top of the plastic ribbon key sleeve? I want to get this right when I eventually track down a suitable PC case.
Kin Hell 17:34 2nd July 2015
@ Aughie

I'm sure it should push in with the retaining clip in place. However, as you can see from the pic below, I didn't have one on the 1D4 mobo I supplied to a dear chap called ravestar over at Amibay, back in late 2009.

The device just pushes into the ribbon slot. However, as you want to "towerise" your 1200, it's not really the best solution if you plan fitting an Indivision.

Here's the device you have, fitted in place showing the interference with said Indivision. It isn't even in the slot @ this point of assembly:


& here is the solution allowing an Indivision to be fitted:


You can read the details here, as posted before my unceremonious ban:

Most of the Pictures & missing from the thread because of some pathetic actions of another Member of Staff (Now retired). Harrison could perhaps edit my 0ld thread as the Pics are now on some AmiBay FTP space he still allows me access to.
Aughie 18:20 2nd July 2015
After much fruitless hunting on google plus unanswered ads for a suitable tower on gumtree etc I only spotted one beige item which unfortunately measured 410mm the exact height of my mobo (8meg expansion fitted) So its black is the new beige unless I persuade a mate to respray it for me. The case I an buying measures W 197mm x H 437mm x D 457mm so there should be tons of room in it. Now the real fun begins!!PS I dont have an indivision. I have much humbler ambitions to start with. My big item is to hook up a CD Rom and get my Miggy back communicating with the world. At present I dont have even a single DD floppy disk. I bought a brand new CF gadget and a 4gig card but when it arrived in a jiffy bag wrapped in bubble wrap and cellotape it had several bent pins. I tried to get a replacement but after much tooing and frooing I will just have to straighten them my self and hope not to snap any off. I really should have got a pcmcia cf gadget instead as I have already got a perfectly good 2.5" 4gig drive with oodles of sopftware on it already. Plus I still have my 3.5" HD which I think has all the same stuff on it too. I already have all the bits from my old XP machine IE power supply IDE CD Rom drives etc plus the cables. I have bought a 44 pin to 40 pin convertor. so that should start me off.
Stephen Coates 18:57 2nd July 2015
You need to remove the retaining clip in order to fit the Keyboard adapter. Do keep it safe somewhere in case you need it in the future .
Aughie 19:20 2nd July 2015
Whats the advice on the floppy drive situation. I uderstand the Amiga must have one connected to boot properly. The internal one dosent lend itsself to a tower sitiuation. Would I be better off ditching it and getting a gotek and hooking that up in the tower instead or just hope I can find a reasonably reliable on somewhere else. Is the drive cable a standard PC type. I see Amigakit has suitable drives for a tower brand new.
Harrison 01:44 3rd July 2015
I highly recommend getting a Gotek. Especially as you don't have any floppy disks anyway. Then you can just download and use ADFs from the many sources without any problem.
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