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Thread: NAS problems
Kin Hell 13:24 19th June 2015
Hard drives can have some funny hiccups @ all times of their service life. I perhaps consider myself lucky to have had 3 x 500GB Seagate Barracudas running in RAID0 for 5 years now....

I've had a brand new 2TB Barracuda spin up & Die whilst formatting..... the replacement lasted a week so I bought a 3TB WD Red instead & it's been fine since.

@ DC

Glad you got sorted in the end fella. Fingers crossed for you getting the old drive fixed under warranty. - Nice one!
Demon Cleaner 05:25 3rd July 2015
Got a reply from HGST. As they don't have these disks anymore, they proposed to send me a G-Drive external HDD as replacement. I agreed. Anyone knowing these ones? Amazon sells them for 164.
Harrison 08:31 3rd July 2015
I've not heard of them, but I like the case design. Could be handy for something like console backups?

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Demon Cleaner 11:44 3rd July 2015
I think I'm just gonna sell it straight away, as I don't need it.
Harrison 16:50 3rd July 2015
Good idea. If still sealed in the box it will be worth more to resell too.
Kin Hell 18:44 3rd July 2015
Yeah, same here with no user base knowledge either.

However, it is raved about in several places & is aimed at the MAC sector.

Perhaps it might be worth hanging on to until you have read a bit more. Check this review out & there are loads in Google.
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