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Thread: Windows 10 free upgrade
Kin Hell 17:06 7th June 2015
Originally Posted by Harrison:
It is annoying that the icon remains, even after completing the registration and selecting close.
About right for Micro$haft..... leaving all their rubbish behind after updating....

Prolly summat to do with when the update is available & for it to be automated, but..... meh!..... couldn't they have used a Hash-Tag or even one of thos browser-choice Ad-twernt thingy-mer-bobs?
Harrison 12:54 11th June 2015
Anyone wishing to, you can download the latest preview ISO for Windows 10 to give it a try.

Worth joining the insiders program to have access to the latest build. I expect the final release ISO will also be available from here too once launched. However rumours are still flying that M$ will only be releasing the final 10 code initially as a Windows update. But we will see.

I've not tested Win 10 for some time so downloaded the latest preview ISO and will be giving it a try in a VM later tonight. As I'm using Windows 7 I'll be setting it up in Virtualbox, however anyone running Windows 8.1 Pro has Hyper-V already installed as part of their OS, which is a Virtual Machine emulator and the successor to Microsoft's older Window's Virtual PC (as used to run Windows 7 XP Mode), so you have a VM already built in and ready to go. And Windows 10 will also have this built in.

I'm definitely considering going with Windows 10 at launch because I've wanted to reinstall my Main PC's OS for a while now and was going to get a SSD boot drive and upgrade the GPU, so I might hold off and do this when 10 is released.
Demon Cleaner 12:19 22nd November 2015
So I tried now already on 2 PCs the "trick" with removing the so said update, but as soon as Windows restarts, it installs it again automatically. The Windows icon will stay in the bottom bar.

Problem is, I cannot make normal Windows 7 updates anymore. It looks normal when I chose them:

But when I click OK, I get back to the update screen, and I have no button to update the upgrades, only to install Windows 10.

Quite annoying. So at the moment I'm updating Windows 7 via Bitdefender, who recognizes a vulnerability and lets you update Windows 7.

Tried it on my father's laptop, and even though he also has the Windows 10 icon, he can still chose the normal updates.
Harrison 15:34 24th November 2015
Why not just upgrade to 10? It is better than 7 amd fully compatible.

Regarding the icon. I never had any upgrade issues whilst still on 7 with the icon. I also never upgraded via the icon anyway as I downloaded the usb stick iso.

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Demon Cleaner 18:54 24th November 2015
Can you make a fresh install of 10? My PC seems a bit cluttered anyway.
Demon Cleaner 18:03 24th December 2015
Found a way to get rid of the Win10 icon. The tool is called GWX Control Panel, and will remove and disable the 'Get Windows 10' notification area icon on Win7 & 8. Newer versions can also disable 'Upgrade to Windows 10' behavior in the Windows Update control panel.
Harrison 01:23 26th December 2015
In answer to your other question. Yes you can do a clean windows 10 install. However you need to first upgrade an existing registered copy of 7 or 8 to convert the serial number to 10 and registered with Microsoft. You can then do a clean install.

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Tiago 10:44 28th December 2015
I upgrade to Win 10. Everything was fine, but i had issues with my Nvidia driver. I have a loptop, and when i try to update the driver he told me it was not compatible with W10. I waited some days, and after a week try it again, and this time it worked.
I prefer W10 to W8.1, but i can't find any difference in performance.
Harrison 11:00 28th December 2015
Performance from 8.1 to 10 is less noticed compared to upgrading from 7. You will only really see a significant performance boost with high end hardware.

Regarding nVidia. I had a similar issue when upgrading with my GTX970. It worked but kept saying my drivers were out dated windows 7 drivers. A week later they updated and everything was fine. I also had an issue where it wouldn't download and update them initially.

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Demon Cleaner 19:24 29th December 2015
Originally Posted by Harrison:
However you need to first upgrade an existing registered copy of 7 or 8 to convert the serial number to 10 and registered with Microsoft.
I have an original Win 7 Home edition at home.
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