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Thread: Getting back into the Amiga Scene, need advice
Harrison 00:30 12th June 2015
It isn't too hard to set them up and then install them in an Amiga. Just need to get the firmware onto them, then on a USB stick make sure the selector.adf file is on there alongside any ADFs you want to boot, load into Workbench and run the selector to set the location of each ADF, then you can reboot and select form the Gotek drive's LCD the ADF location you wish to boot.

Worth noting that the normal Amiga firmware being used on Gotek's isn't 100% compatible with all disk images. Some games don't work. However the newly released commercial HcX firmware (10) overcomes this compatibility issue and is much better.

Here's a quick video showing how the Gotek works:

Aughie 10:45 12th June 2015
Can you flash the rom yourself with the HXC or does it come already installed.
Harrison 11:59 12th June 2015
You have to do it yourself. The Gotek has the flashing points on the board visible behind the power and IDE connectors, but they are just solder points as standard. Many sellers will provide the drive with connection posts solder on for you to make it easy. You then need to buy a USB to Serial adapter to plug it into the PC to flash the Gotek's rom. A serial RS232<>3.3V TTL adapter is what they are called and you can buy them on ebay for a couple of pounds.
Quadko 17:27 24th July 2015
You mentioned controllers (joysticks). For Atari 1-button joysticks I had great success using arcade joysticks & buttons (from Happ Controls or or lots of places) and wiring them into a 9 pin header. It is fabulous.

I was hoping to do the same eventually with Amiga; other than the second (and third?) button it should be identical. Of course, it's bulky and overkill, but it feels great and responsive and... fabulous.

Basically an "Arcade Fighting Stick for Amiga".
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