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Thread: New Laptop
Demon Cleaner 13:48 6th May 2015
I was considering buying a new laptop, and my choice fell on the Schenker XMG P705. It will basically for gaming.

The P705 model got very good reviews, and the little brother, the P505, which is basically the same, only in 15", ranks 1st on Notebookcheck's lightweight mobile gaming list of May 2015, which is updated everytime they review a new laptop.

I'm following their laptops since some years now, and I like the fact that you can configure them to your liking. I never was really a big fan of their Clevo based chassis, but I have to say that I like the new model of the PRO versions. It's ligther and lower compared to other gaming laptops, 3,2kg and only 30mm in height. But because of that, the configuration is a bit limited, the motherboard doesn't have a socket for the CPU, therefore you have to go with the only CPU available (the HQ model), which is soldered to the mobo.

The only CPU you can get for it is the Intel Core i7-4720HQ (2,60 - 3,60GHz 6MB 47W), it's the 4th generation of their CPUs called Haswell.

For the GPU you can chose between the newest NVIDIA GeForce GTX (965M, 970M, 980M), where I would put the 970M, price is only 135€ more than the 965M, but already about 30% more power. Plus it comes with a code to download The Witcher 3, which is a nice addition anyway. The price for the 980M is 417€, which is definitely too much.

As HDD I would put a 250GB SSD, and they have a special offer, if you buy an SDD from Crucial, you get a discount of 100€, but only until tomorrow evening, thus I have to decide fast. As second HDD I will just put a WD Blue slim (5.400RPM). Btw, this laptop can hold 2 SDD plus 2 HDD, but I don't need that, using an external drive with my stuff anyway, so it's not needed.

The screen seems to be good, it's a non glare 17.3" Full HD (19201080) CHIMEI N173HGE-L11, although not an IPS, but apperently this exact screen is used by a lot of companies. They have an option for the LG LP173WF4-SPD1, which is an IPS, has better color, but less good contrast and black level, plus it's 125€ more expensive. The CHIMEI has also a matte surface, which is less affected by reflections.

For Wi-Fi you can have dual band plus bluetooth, but again because of the slimmer case, there is no place for a DVD/BD drive, which I don't need anyway.

Which is nice for me, you get to chose the layout of the keyboard, and as we use swiss/french layouts in Luxembourg, it's way more comfortable than having a german one.

With RAM I'm bit puzzled, whether to get 16GB, or just stick with 8GB, which will probably be enough for gaming. Although the price difference is only 90€. RAM is also from Crucial.

With that configuration it would cost me around 1.850€ (with 8GB RAM), which is in my opinion a good price for these specs, I checked, like always, Alienware, and they are still far more expensive, and other brands are not configurable at all. Shipping will be almost 60€, which is quite steep, but I also will get the 100€ off, so at the moment it would cost 1.810€ (8GB version), and I don't want to spent more than 2.000€.

Bigger SSD (500GB) is f.ex. 122€ more, do I need it? IPS screen? 8GB or 16GB? There's not so much to change anyway.

So what do you think? Any opinions?
Tiago 14:15 6th May 2015
Hi Demon, my laptop was around 1000 euros (Toshiba Satellite P50-A-12Z) here in Portugal, last year. I prefer laptops over standard dektop PC. To work, even for games. I usually can't play games at full specs, but 1366x768 graphics are nice. My screen is 15.6" and it display 1980x1080 but for games is a bit hard to do it.... to work, is fine!

8GB is good for everyday work. I use photoshop, a bit of video editing, and i have no problems. My i7 is fast, not the fastest sure, but quite good.
the 17.3" monitor should be good for 1980x1080, but if a game is to heavy and you need to go to lower resolutions, will the image be good?
I guess it is optimized for fullhd, so how is handles in lower ones?

But that one looks a good computer.

But i wounder but PC (desktop) would you buy with that amount... you could get a better game machine... but ok, i understand, i also don't like desktops.

Don't forget to see witch side the air flow goes out. It you are right handle with mouse and the air get's out that side, can be a pain in summer...
Mine is in right side, same as mouse, and i tend to run away from it. Less then 25cm playing a high specs game almost burn my hand...
Demon Cleaner 09:55 7th May 2015
Basically I will take this one to work, it won't stay at home, at home I have a desktop PC, although not really for gaming. I play at the moment games on my working PC, which also is not the best, and I also don't wanna install too much on it, looks strange if someone checks my installed programs

- - - Updated - - -

Probably gonna go with the 16GB, just in case, you never know. Could be that I would also use it for video editing and converting, so might be better to have a bit more reserve.

I'm only thinking if I should buy it or not? The problem is that I will only have 12 more hours to decide, then the discount is over. I would like to half at least one more week to decide. I still could indeed wait, only downside is that I would loose 100.
Harrison 11:42 7th May 2015
With Windows 10 just around the corner I would definitely get 16GB ram just to be safe.

Nice hardware spec too.

I personally don't like laptops much though as I just find them too restrictive to use for most tasks compared to a full desktop setup. Especially for gaming where a proper gaming mouse and keyboard are a world apart from a laptop. I'm also used to a 3 monitor setup, which obviously isn't easy on a laptop. When using my wife's laptop I just find it much harder to do things than on my desktop, especially with the touchpad compared to a mouse. These days also with tablets I use those for portable computing instead and now they have matured they are for me a much better portable solution.
Demon Cleaner 11:58 7th May 2015
It would mainly be for gaming at work (don't tell)

I don't have a possibility there to set up a desktop PC, would be quite offending
Harrison 16:11 7th May 2015
So you are still able to "play" at work these days? Would love to have a job like that.

At the moment, even at home during the day as a stay at home dad I don't even get time to play as I'm chasing a 3 year old all over the place! Today's joy was attempting to wash red magic marker off of the plastic patio doors, and the wood surround! Safe to say the wood is now red and might need to be replaced. With his birthday tomorrow his presents are getting thinner by the day!
Demon Cleaner 16:44 7th May 2015
50% of the days I work longer, because of making backups, then almost nobody is in the building anymore, and then I have good time to play. Could also play during the day, only have to pay attention if somebody comes into the office, then you can fast ALT-TAB (if the sound isn't too loud).
Tiago 17:03 7th May 2015
Do you need anyone to help you out at work?
Demon Cleaner 10:40 8th May 2015
I would need someone for multiplayer

- - - Updated - - -

In the end I didn't buy it (yet), I still need a bit of consideration. It's not so much about the money, I have it, but it's only about if I need it or not. I don't want to spend money on something I barely use, because I know myself. I could f.ex. easily play with my New 3DS XL or my Vita at work, but I never do it. On the Vita I have installed about 40 games, which I gathered together over time with my PS+ account, but the only game I played so far was FIFA, and that was on holiday in Finland. Plus I have 10 original games I bought, which are still wrapped and untouched, f.ex. Persona 4 Golden, which I really wanna play. And with the 3DS now, I basically can play their whole catalog, and there's some very nice games out for it. But again, I barely play on it.

I know that there are some great games for the PC, but will I really play them? I played some of the indie games on the PC at work, as they run perfectly on that PC, and I have quite a bunch of them, so why not just play them? On the other side, the laptop I have is now 4-5 years old, it's only a dual core, and newer games don't run at all, and perhaps it's time to change, once in 5 years is a good average I think. Like I said, I can afford it, it's not about that, I only have to figure out if I eventually need it. But sometimes too much thinking is also not good I will anyway keep an eye on the laptop, perhaps there will be price drops or other discounts, it would be stupid to buy it now straight away, because then I would have lost the 100€ stupidly.

- - - Updated - - -

Well, well. Today I checked 3 other German sites where you can configure your laptop. The last one I checked was Notebookguru, I know them since longer. So I configured the exact same one like I did with Schenker, also with the same case, the Clevo P671, and to my astonishment, it is 315€ cheaper!!!! The same damn laptop!! Plus shipping is 25€ instead of 60€! So even with the 100€ discount, I would still save a lot of money ordering it from there.

So basically I would get it here for the same price if I would put the GTX 980M.
Kin Hell 11:37 9th May 2015
Sorry to be totally off topic, but hell fire H.....

It's never 3 years since you became a Dad already??
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