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Thread: [3DS] - Sky3DS
Demon Cleaner 11:13 3rd December 2015
Nintendo console don't really drop in price, that's a bit odd. But a 3DS nowadays is almost the same price than at it's release. Same for Wii U.

But the new 3DS is bout 135, so not necessarily expensive.
Harrison 16:01 3rd December 2015
The Wii U is a lot cheaper in the UK where I've seen them due to a lack of interest. 3DS I've seen under 100 in sales.

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Demon Cleaner 05:03 4th December 2015
Wii U is around 240 at, which is 332€. In Germany and France you'll even get it for 260€ and now 299€ together with Xenoblade Chronicles X. Do you know a cheaper place in the UK?
Harrison 02:31 6th December 2015
184 at

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